People Make Platform – A Night of Event Innovation and Scottish Charm

This month, we proudly brought together over 600 event professionals, suppliers and friends to join us for an immersive People Make Platform showcase. Recognising our iconic venue as one of Scotland’s top venues for creativity and innovation and the versatility as an events venue.

A Dynamic Fusion of Culture and Creativity

Located in the heart of Glasgow city centre, under the iconic Argyle Street Bridge, the air was electric with anticipation, a space once familiar, now transformed, buzzed with the creative spirit of Scotland’s most innovative minds.

Each arch, meticulously curated to reveal its own thematic splendour and bring to life the theme of People, offered a journey from one spectacular scene to another. As guests snaked through Platform, each arch was revealed in sequence, showcasing the endless possibilities of our versatile venue.

The magical decor was a masterful blend of traditional Scottish elements with a twist of modern flair. Fleurtations had outdone themselves, with a lush floral installation that framed the entrance, whilst Thrill Events transformed the space with giant silver spheres and vibrant backdrops to set the stage for an unforgettable evening.

Experiential Magical Moments

Event highlights included homegrown local talent with artistic collaborations from renowned artist Ross Muir, sculptor Council Baby,  and energetic musical performances from Glasgow’s iconic DJ duo, Pretty Ugly, and local band The Lines. Together, they created a tapestry of memorable moments and unique artistic expressions, set to the backdrop of a giant disco ball and mood lighting provided by SLS Scotland.

A taste of modern Scotland

The culinary experience was a standout, featuring delicious street food, canapés, and tapas. From traditional beer-battered fish and chips to innovative ‘Platform Pieces’ like strawberry ice cream sandwiches and freshly shucked oysters, there was something for everyone.

Jules McGuire, the mastermind behind Platform’s bespoke food stations, gave guests a nostalgic taste of tradition with proper Glaswegian scran. A giant cheese wheel from Jules McGuire’s Gallus Pasta was a crowd-pleaser, with guests marvelling as hand cut Tagliarini pasta was twirled inside, and served fresh onto plates.

The local flavours continued to impress at the Twisted Scots Bar, where traditional Scottish ingredients met innovative mixology. A range of expertly made cocktails, mocktails and craft beer served by local specialists Brewhub were on offer at four different bars, ensuring the evening was as tasty as it was entertaining.

The night was dotted with experimental magical moments, particularly at the SIPS IN THE CITY bar. Inspired by iconic scenes from “Sex in the City,” cosmos and bellinis flowed freely, each drink a nod to the show’s chic legacy, reimagined in Glasgow’s gritty, artistic context. Cheers to that!

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