Camm & Hooper are back with passion and determination to remind the industry that the vision of their founder, Claire Lawson, lives on in the success of today.

The team bought together a highlight reel of their unique talents to host a spectacular evening event at OXO2, one of their newest venues. Industry professionals and clients attended the event, all eager to see what Camm & Hooper has in store for their next chapter.

Defined by innovation and individuality, Camm & Hooper highlighted their intention to breathe new life into the vast world of events. Guests were welcomed in the West Wing of the landmark venue with a visual (and tasty) feast featuring some of their conceptual and interactive food and beverage offerings.

The Lobster & Oysters station paired beautifully with Harrow & Hope’s sparkling wine

Harrow & Hope sparkling wine is produced by a family-owned vineyard located in Marlow. The vineyard was started in 2010 by Henry and Kaye Laithwaite, who named it after their son and daughter. The vineyard specialises in creating premium quality sparkling wine using traditional methods. Harrow & Hope sparkling wine has won various awards since its launch in 2016, including gold medals at the International Wine Challenge and the Decanter World Wine Awards.

The vineyard has also been recognized for its sustainable practices, and its wines are made using 100% renewable energy. Camm & Hooper’s commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with Harrow & Hope’s eco-friendly practices. This partnership not only supports a quality product but also promotes sustainable and responsible practices in the hospitality industry.

A Vibrant Taco Station with a Unique Open-Kitchen Design

Camm & Hooper’s new bespoke taco station features an open-kitchen design that allows guests to watch the skilled chefs prepare their food. The talented taco team amassed quite a crowd with their mouth-watering recipes and tips on creating the perfect taco to suit each guest’s taste.

Garden Party Dessert Station

The garden party theme provided the perfect backdrop for showcasing the skills of their talented Pastry Chef Ryan. Guests were treated to an array of delectable desserts that not only tasted amazing, but were also a feast for the eyes.

Some of the standout desserts included:

  • Chocolate and Mango Mousse, Yuzu and Mango Pearls
  • Watermelon Macaroons
  • Chocolate and Beetroot Cremeux
  • Lemon Tart, Meringue and Freeze-dried Raspberries

The attention to detail was evident in the presentation of each dessert, with colourful edible flowers, tropical accents and delicate sugar work making each creation unique.

The Gin Lane Bike Bar

London has a long and rich history with gin, and today, artisanal distilleries have put their own spin on the classic spirit. Camm & Hooper is proud to celebrate this heritage with expertly crafted cocktails and a carefully curated selection of gin. Highlighting that the key to creating the perfect gin is in the ingredients and the passion of the makers. That’s why Camm & Hooper only work with the best gin makers in the industry – those who use the highest quality botanicals and show an unwavering dedication to their craft.

The Gin Lane bar was one of five enticing bars designed by the Cocktail Guy, Rich Woods, to support his new partnership with Camm & Hooper. Known for boundary-pushing combinations and unique flavour creations, at the heart of The Cocktail Guy’s creative process is a deep understanding and exploration of flavour.

Discover the Wild Food Renaissance with Miles Irving

Moving down the 537 square meter perimeter of OXO2, guests were taken through the paramount to meet with Miles Irving.

Miles is an expert in accessing nature’s wild pantry with over 20 years of experience working in the food and drink industry. Miles advocates for the reintroduction of foraged foods into our diets. This approach is hands-on, explorative, and sustainable, aligning perfectly with the shared belief in the importance of incorporating foraged foods and commitment to sustainability. As partners, Camm & Hooper and Miles bring the Wild Food Renaissance to clients and guests, offering the best culinary experiences possible. The collaboration with Miles has resulted in unforgettable culinary experiences that celebrate the reintroduction of foraged foods into our diets.

Miles was on hand to greet the guest, inspiring them with the possibilities of introducing them to a wild foraged diet. The Cocktail Guy worked with Miles to create the Foraged bar, the vegan friendly bespoke infusions on offer included:

  • Fermented Birch Sap & Flowering Currant Fizz
  • Foraged Whisky Soda
  • Spring Martini

Culinary Cocktails

Three more of The Cocktail Guy’s signature cocktails were on offer at the Culinary Cocktail Station showcasing the versatility and potential for Wood’s unwavering craft as a mixologist and Camm & Hooper’s creative production specialism:

  • Mind Your Peas & Q’s – a summery take on the Classic GnT.
  • Super Sour – a classic gin sour, shaken with vegan foamer.
  • Eton Mess – a clarified milk punch, reminiscent of the classic British dessert with notes of savoury miso and fruity blackcurrant.

The Cocktail Guy Experience

Celebrating the new partnership between Camm & Hooper and The Cocktail Guy, this event revealed what the Cocktail Guy experience would entail for future guests. The Cocktail Guy bridges the gap between the worlds of food and drink by serving up some of his most creative and imaginative drinks. His expert mixology skills combine a variety of flavours and textures to create unforgettable drinks.

Something for everyone

Unveiling the Next Chapter for Camm & Hooper was an excellent opportunity to showcase their expertise in event planning and demonstrate their commitment to providing exceptional service. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Camm & Hooper has built a reputation for delivering unforgettable events. Their relaunch event was no exception, leaving guests in awe and excited for what’s to come.

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