Distillations & Infusions


A Refreshing New Approach

Our drinks list has something for everyone. We’ve got signature cocktails, alongside great wine lists, open-bar packages and much more. If there’s something extra-special you’d like to see included in your event, then The Liquid Chef is ready and waiting to shake up a special creation or two.


Let The LiquidChef delight your palate with show stopping infusions


The Liquid Chef, James Allen, is infused with liquid DNA. Considerable pride is taken with our selection of splendid infusions. Our elaborate and colourful cornucopia of liquid infusions, curated by The Liquid Chef and his team, are blended with flavours that guests will love, creating the perfect liquid experience. Fine wines from foreign climes, beauteous bubbly and craft beers can also be found amongst our listings. We also offer homemade cordials, barista coffee and so much more using fresh organic ingredients.

Check out our award-winning cornucopia of creativity & flavour

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