Tell us about your background experience and how you became a Liquid Chef?

When I left school, I actually went to university to study Music Technology & Electronic Engineering, but I didn’t overly love it and also needed a part time job to fund my student lifestyle. As a result, I started working at a taproom and venue owned by London Fields Brewery, which centrally focused on really good craft beers.

I have always enjoyed beer, and here I learnt the importance of really knowing your product and being able to describe different flavour profiles to customers. I took this knowledge into my next role at Bao, a restaurant in Borough Market, where I first joined as Bar Supervisor. This was my first introduction to large scale cocktail making and I certainly got thrown in at the deep end.

Aside from never having seen more advanced mixology techniques, I had never worked with Asian flavours outside of my own kitchen, but despite the steep learning curve, thoroughly enjoyed it and really thrived as it ignited a new passion for cocktails.

After this, I secured several management positions at pubs around London and Essex and was put in charge of beverages and menu development. Here, I really paid attention to learning different consumer trends and thoroughly enjoyed introducing new session beers and cocktails to the bars.

Ultimately, I describe myself as a ‘COVID bar tender’, where I used the time during lockdown to hone my skillset in making great tasting drinks [and food] and have thrived on this ever since.

What are your typical responsibilities as Liquid Chef at Camm & Hooper?

I originally joined Camm & Hooper in 2023 to work for a specific venue and then after a few months secured the exciting role of Liquid Chef.

My responsibilities vary from developing new tastes and flavours, experimenting with new mixology techniques to improve our creation process and to ensure all events run smoothly so that all guests have a fantastic experience.

I think about every detail that goes into our drinks and apply innovation to all processes wherever possible. I am extremely passionate about what I do, love putting a smile on people’s faces through my own creations, and have never had a role that provides the same sense of satisfaction.

What flavours do you enjoy working with most and why?

I am a sucker for modern cocktail trends – savoury flavours, fresh herbs, quality spirits. Most recently I have taken a lot of inspiration from Asian cuisine. For example, for a recent event at the Victorian Bath House, I created a variation of a Pearl Button, where I used coconut oil to fat wash the cachaça, together with acid adjusted apple juice to mimic the acidic component of lime, and then created a filtered red miso shrub which was sweetened with wild honey to create a more authentic, Asian flavour profile.

I also thoroughly enjoy working with infusion and bespoke flavours, together with the pageantry of bartending such as adding a little flare with some creative serves and garnishes.

However, although tricks like smoke and fire are enticing, they aren’t always easily repeatable when serving to a mass audience. I don’t want people to queue at a bar I’m serving on for too long. As such, we work hard to strike a careful balance between wowing people and ensuring they have an efficient and enjoyable event experience, with a twist.

A lot of drinks, particularly cocktails, are seasonal. Nothing really beats having a fresh, gin-based drink in a beer garden during summer, just like darker spirits are more of a ‘go to’ in winter.

However, I would say one of the biggest things consumers are looking for now is value for money. A lot of people don’t have £20 plus to spend on one drink, which is why bars like Swift and Atelier Coupette in SOHO are some of my favourites for a tipple. They have dedicated development sessions where bartenders can put new things on the menu for a reduced price, while enabling people to enjoy a drink without breaking the bank.

Vegan, allergen free and alcohol-free alternatives are also quickly gaining popularity, particularly amongst a younger audience. Here, guests still want the same attention to detail that comes with more traditional cocktails but catered to their dietary needs or personal pallet, as they should. This has been great for the industry as constraints can breed a lot of creativity and yield some amazing results.

Finally, I would say that minimalistic presentation is a big thing now, with consumers becoming more attracted to refined and creative drinks paired down presentation. Think, simple and elegant glassware, perfectly cut ice columns or big ice cubes, a crystal-clear product finished with something simple like a simple citrus zest or a little nibble on the side. This polished and stylish approach to cocktails is certainty a far cry from big pineapple fronds, crazy straws and cocktail umbrellas, but that will always have a place in my heart. 

When creating the new spring/summer drinks menu, I wanted to create cocktails that were both familiar and adventurous – drinks that are recognisable in a certain form but surpass expectations in taste.

My favourite drink on the menu is the Cucumber and Dill Gimlet. A Gimlet is traditionally gin with a lime cordial, or lime and sugar, but I wanted to introduce more savoury flavours to the drink to bring out the interesting botanical notes in the gin.

As a result, I used a cucumber and dill infused gin and combined it with our own clarified lime cordial, which is made using spent lime husks, acid blends and citrus rind to limit waste. As such, we have transformed a quick ‘thrown together’ drink into a sophisticated ‘martini’ style cocktail, complete with a savoury cucumber and dill finish that play delicately with the botanicals of the London Dry Gin.

I thoroughly enjoy creating familiar drinks and surpassing taste expectations, which is often achieved by infusing with fresh herbs. For example, I recently created a roast dinner flavoured Old Fashion for a client event, where I took herbs from a traditional roast dinner and infused them with a duck fat washed spirit to mimic the flavour profile of a Sunday roast with all the trimmings. Although it sounds strange, all guests thoroughly enjoyed it.

What techniques do you incorporate to make Camm & Hooper drinks stand out?

To make Camm & Hooper drinks stand out, I like to use a combination of old school and more advanced mixology techniques. These techniques vary from drink to drink, but could incorporate basic sous vide infusions, rapid nitrogen infusion, acid balancing, clarification, fat washing, or even creating edible perfumes, foams and airs just to name a few.

I have also been experimenting with a few modern techniques, such as freeze switching. This is where you take a base juice, freeze it, and then syphon off the water content that melts before the juice to create a more concentrated and flavourful version of your initial product.

Ultimately, I like to make things taste different and to align our cocktails with the Camm & Hooper extraordinary approach to events. 

Although most people wouldn’t consider it a very “involved” cocktail, I would say a classic Gin and Tonic is still the go to, especially in London, as people are still very attracted to something a little bittersweet, which is at its core the definition of a cocktail: “Base Spirit, Sugar, Water, Bitters”. At the moment, Negronis and Negroni variations are real crowd pleasers and for the late-night party cocktails, the Espresso Martini is still a big deal.

My personal favourites change with the season. I love a dry gin martini, negroni or margarita, but I am a Bourbon boy at heart. Nothing quite hits the spot like a well-made old fashioned or Manhattan, not usually drunk at the same time.

What drink would you create for world cocktail day?

I would definitely stick with something light and refreshing seeing as though the sun is finally starting to come out here in London. My perfect “World Cocktail Day” drink would be our Clarified Coconut & Peach Mojito that is on our new Spring/Summer menu.

It incorporates a delicious coconut oil washed Cuban Rum along with a house made peach, mint cordial that we clarify using agar-agar. It’s garnished with fresh mint for the aroma and some small orange wheels to add to the citrusy finish.

The result is a crystal clear, light and refreshing take on the traditional mojito with tonnes of spring flavour in every sip. It helps that it is totally vegan and allergy friendly too! Best enjoyed with friends in the sunshine.

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Nestled beneath the bustling streets of London lies a hidden gem, a canvas of creativity where walls speak stories of rebellion, expression, and artistic prowess. Leake Street, once a dimly lit underpass, has transformed into a vibrant hub for street art and graffiti, captivating the hearts and minds of visitors from around the world.

The history of Leake Street as a haven for street art dates back to 2008 when renowned street artist Banksy orchestrated the infamous “Cans Festival,” an exhibition that invited artists to spray-paint the tunnel walls, igniting a movement that would redefine the perception of graffiti in the public eye. Since then, Leake Street has flourished as an ever-evolving gallery, highlighting the diverse styles and voices of both established and emerging artists.

Among the myriad of creative spaces that have emerged along Leake Street, one stands out with its unconventional twist – 26 Leake Street, a dynamic venue that seamlessly blends performance art, creativity, and community engagement. Located at the heart of this artistic enclave, 26 Leake Street has become synonymous with innovation, hosting a myriad of events that celebrate the spirit of artistic expression.

This summer, 26 Leake Street invites you to immerse yourself in the captivating world of graffiti art with “The Graffiti Experience” from June 6th. This event promises an unforgettable journey into the realm of street art, guided by skilled Leake Street artists who will share their knowledge and passion for the craft.

Guests will have the opportunity to engage with a vibrant community of artists, exchange ideas, and unleash their creativity on canvas under the expert guidance of seasoned graffiti artists. Whether you’re a novice eager to explore the art form or a seasoned practitioner seeking inspiration, the Graffiti Experience offers a creative environment to hone your skills and express your unique voice.

From selecting your colours to bringing your vision to life, the hands-on experience allows you to channel your creativity freely, resulting in a personalised masterpiece that reflects your artistic journey and the camaraderie shared with fellow participants. As a memento of the event, you’ll have the chance to take home your artwork, a tangible symbol of your immersion into the dynamic world of graffiti art.

But the Graffiti Experience at 26 Leake Street offers more than just artistic exploration. With drinks from the Buskers Bar and a dynamic atmosphere filled with creative energy, participants are invited to enjoy a lively celebration of artistic expression and connection.

Workshop Details:

Private Group and Corporate Workshops:

Looking to enhance team bonding or uniquely celebrate a special occasion? Private group and corporate workshops are available upon request, offering a bespoke experience tailored to your needs. To enquire about availability and pricing, please email and our team will be delighted to assist you.

Open to All Ages:

Whether you’re a budding artist or a seasoned pro, our workshops welcome participants of all ages and skill levels. Discover the thrill of graffiti art alongside friends, family, or colleagues, as you explore your creativity in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of The Graffiti Experience at 26 Leake Street – reserve your spot today and prepare to explore your inner artist in the heart of London’s iconic street art scene.

Welcome to an exclusive insight into the culinary journey of Chris Hawkins, Group Culinary Director at Camm & Hooper. Discover the inspirations, challenges, and future trends that shape the vibrant world of event catering.

Tell us a bit about your background and experience in the kitchen? What inspired you to become a Chef?

My passion for cooking started at a young age. Coming from a large family with five brothers, my parents worked long hours, so my Nan often spent time in the kitchen preparing meals for us. I spent countless hours by her side, learning about different foods and their preparation. After completing my education, I pursued a junior role at Jasper Conran Group, where I spent three formative years before transitioning to Smiths of Smithfield.

With over 22 years of kitchen experience, my journey led me to excel in event catering. Before assuming my current role as Group Culinary Director at Camm & Hooper, I dedicated over a decade to event catering, curating menus for gatherings ranging from 20 to 3,500 guests.

You joined Camm & Hooper on the back of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since this time, the business has grown exponentially and has established an impressive reputation as a premier events management company. What role have you played in this success story?

I joined Camm & Hooper just over three years ago as the UK was just getting back to some form of normality. However, due to the way in which the country shutdown, there was literally a whole business filled of equipment left out and a clear rebuilding job to do.

With a clear vision aligned with senior leadership goals, I set out on a path of culinary innovation. Taking this sense of innovation and disruption, I started to curate new menus and concepts, aligning with the idea of setting Camm & Hooper aside from champagne flutes and buffet trays and replacing it with trendy food stations, diverse menu options and the opportunity to interact with the kitchen staff.

In the last three years, my individual team has grown from two Chefs and two Front of House staff to 14 Chefs and 14 Front of House Staff with no sign of growth slowing anytime soon.

Where does your main inspiration for curating new dishes and flavours come from?

I have worked alongside amazing chefs, like Daniel Clifford, and while I draw inspiration from diverse sources, I emphasise originality and creativity in my dishes.

I am extremely lucky in my role in that I have complete creative freedom and I am proactively encouraged by my CEO to go to restaurants to try different foods and concepts. While there is nothing more frustrating than going out and being served terrible food, there have been many occasions where I have been inspired by certain dishes.

However, event catering is a completely different ball game to cooking in restaurants, as you need to be able to replicate every dish for 500+ people. On the occasions where I have been inspired, I’ve taken certain flavours and ideas and essentially simplified it to make the dish scalable. We currently have 3000 – 4000 dishes on our menu and many of which have been created through this process.

This is also why I love event catering. Unlike working in restaurants, every day is different and comes with new challenges.

The last few years have been difficult in Hospitality and events. What do you consider the greatest challenges and how have you overcome these in Camm & Hooper?

Two significant hurdles have marked recent years in the hospitality industry, the increased food and oil prices and a diminishing pool of skilled workers post-BREXIT.

I could see the rise in food and oil prices coming months before the actual costs hit our P&L and was able to implement several measures as a result to ensure the business didn’t feel too much of a negative impact. This included hand picking suppliers, being clever and more creative with menu options and reducing wastage wherever possible.

Finding and retaining great people is an ongoing challenge that spans many industry sectors. Post-pandemic, there is increasing demand for work life balance and higher salaries, with the former often difficult to achieve in the events industry. However, we have built a passionate team who are united in the long-term vision for Camm & Hooper and enjoy the innovation and creativity the comes with the role.

The demand for vegan and vegetarian options has grown exponentially in recent years, and I think this trend will continue throughout 2024. This is largely driven by more people being conscious about what they eat, be it for health or environmental reasons.

At Camm & Hooper, a large percentage of our menus are both vegan and vegetarian and is something we intend to expand and evolve this year, while focusing on driving our own sustainability agenda.

As a business, we thrive on culinary innovation so certainly don’t follow food trends set via platforms like TikTok, as we create our own – but I can see how the social media channel can drive audience engagement for businesses like restaurants, for example.

What can clients expect from Camm & Hooper menus this spring/summer season?

Creating new dishes is one of my favourite tasks, and I feel that we certainly won’t disappoint with our spring/summer menu.

Comprising many different dishes, our new menus enable clients to enjoy a blend of vibrant colours, seasonal ingredients, and creative presentations, all culminating in an exciting burst of fresh and tasty flavours.

I love all of the dishes on our new menu but would say that one of my favourites is the “Beef carpaccio with truffle dressing”. I know that there is a strong demand and trend for plant-based food, but my personal preference would be this dish – it is very light and delicate with a great balance of flavours.

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This month, we proudly brought together over 600 event professionals, suppliers and friends to join us for an immersive People Make Platform showcase. Recognising our iconic venue as one of Scotland’s top venues for creativity and innovation and the versatility as an events venue.

A Dynamic Fusion of Culture and Creativity

Located in the heart of Glasgow city centre, under the iconic Argyle Street Bridge, the air was electric with anticipation, a space once familiar, now transformed, buzzed with the creative spirit of Scotland’s most innovative minds.

Each arch, meticulously curated to reveal its own thematic splendour and bring to life the theme of People, offered a journey from one spectacular scene to another. As guests snaked through Platform, each arch was revealed in sequence, showcasing the endless possibilities of our versatile venue.

The magical decor was a masterful blend of traditional Scottish elements with a twist of modern flair. Fleurtations had outdone themselves, with a lush floral installation that framed the entrance, whilst Thrill Events transformed the space with giant silver spheres and vibrant backdrops to set the stage for an unforgettable evening.

Experiential Magical Moments

Event highlights included homegrown local talent with artistic collaborations from renowned artist Ross Muir, sculptor Council Baby,  and energetic musical performances from Glasgow’s iconic DJ duo, Pretty Ugly, and local band The Lines. Together, they created a tapestry of memorable moments and unique artistic expressions, set to the backdrop of a giant disco ball and mood lighting provided by SLS Scotland.

A taste of modern Scotland

The culinary experience was a standout, featuring delicious street food, canapés, and tapas. From traditional beer-battered fish and chips to innovative ‘Platform Pieces’ like strawberry ice cream sandwiches and freshly shucked oysters, there was something for everyone.

Jules McGuire, the mastermind behind Platform’s bespoke food stations, gave guests a nostalgic taste of tradition with proper Glaswegian scran. A giant cheese wheel from Jules McGuire’s Gallus Pasta was a crowd-pleaser, with guests marvelling as hand cut Tagliarini pasta was twirled inside, and served fresh onto plates.

The local flavours continued to impress at the Twisted Scots Bar, where traditional Scottish ingredients met innovative mixology. A range of expertly made cocktails, mocktails and craft beer served by local specialists Brewhub were on offer at four different bars, ensuring the evening was as tasty as it was entertaining.

The night was dotted with experimental magical moments, particularly at the SIPS IN THE CITY bar. Inspired by iconic scenes from “Sex in the City,” cosmos and bellinis flowed freely, each drink a nod to the show’s chic legacy, reimagined in Glasgow’s gritty, artistic context. Cheers to that!

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Tell us a bit about your background and experience in the kitchen? What inspired you to become a Chef?

“I am from Brazil and grew up around friends and family members who really enjoyed cooking but had never cooked in my life until I came to the UK.

I moved here 21 years ago, but for the first few years worked in an administration and accounts before I decided to pursue my passion for food and completed a 3-year diploma at the City of Westminster College, London.

My passion for food stemmed far beyond just wanting to curate tasty dishes – I wanted to discover where food really came from and how to experiment with different textures and flavours.

From here, I have always worked in private catering companies and much prefer the innovation and creativity this environment offers compared to restaurants. I love working with different people and ideas to create new and exciting menu options to suit client tastes and occasions – from weddings to large corporate celebrations.”

What types of foods do you enjoy cooking with?

“As a pescatarian who is passionate about sustainability, I really enjoy cooking with fish and a wide range of vegetables.

Since joining Camm & Hooper, I have worked hard on expanding the variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes on offer, while integrating sustainability into our menu planning and execution.

This has ranged from implementing food waste bins and using the surplus from foods to create other dishes – for example, I use the skin of fish to create base for my canapes and integrate the skin from onions into our whipped butter – to using more local, UK based suppliers and opting for food choices that are seasonal.  However, this in itself is a challenging task as every dish we create needs to be easily replicated and scalable to be served at an event.

There are so many delicious vegetables on offer that people are completely unaware of and have never tried. I genuinely love introducing clients to new vegan and vegetarian dishes and in educating them on where the food has been sourced from and how it has been created… all with sustainability in mind.”

What are the main challenges of implementing sustainable choices into your menus?

“The ultimate sustainable journey food is from nature to your plate and then back to compost.

The impact of BREXIT combined with a significant increase in costs has meant it has become difficult to source certain foods. Implementing variety into menus and adapting to seasonal foods, while also sourcing quality, UK-based suppliers has enabled us to overcome this and ensure sustainability remains a key focus in our planning and execution.

However, sustainability moves beyond menu choices. In catering and hospitality, we operate in a world where the use of plastics is high through vacuum packs, cling film and gloves – just to name a few examples.

We are proactively working hard to measure our carbon footprint and ensure our kitchen is completely plastic free within the next 5 years. Today, we are collectively working hard to embrace a dedicated eco-conscious philosophy that will ultimately position Camm & Hooper at the forefront of sustainability in the events management sector. A key part of this is to become a zero waste establishment, however this is a lot more challenging in the events sector compared to standalone restaurants, like Silo in London.

The steps we have made so far are extremely positive and a true reflection of a shift in perception amongst our amazing and passionate team.

Ultimately, I believe that to really become a sustainable entity, you don’t need to have a certificate – you need to have change in mindset and for people to understand why we are working towards this goal.”

How are increased food & drink and supply chain costs impacting the sustainability agenda in Hospitality?

“Pre-COVID, it was really easy to source and supply different foods, including a variety of vegetables. But in the current economic climate, it is really expensive to buy quality produce – particularly meat and fish. Meat is now really costly.

Although a big challenge, I think this in itself can drive a shift towards sustainability, by inspiring Chefs to opt for the more cost-effective vegan and vegetarian dishes and to use as much of the produce as possible, i.e., using the skin of vegetables for sources as opposed to throwing them away.”

How have food trends changed in recent years and how do you see these trends evolving during 2024 and beyond?

“Our menus now have a lot of vegan and vegetarian food options, with more and more consumers shifting to a vegan or even flexitarian type diet.

Rewind 10 years ago and there were hardly any individuals with dietary requirements at an event, but now it is in excess of 25%. I think this is a combination of people being more aware of food intolerances and an increased focus on gut health and what they actually put into their body.

I think food trends will evolve in line with cultural shifts. For example, it is actually the younger generation who are driving veganism/vegetarianism as part of a healthier lifestyle.

To truly accommodate and excite this audience, Chefs need to move away from lazy options like mushrooms, and instead look at the wide variety of vegetables that are on offer and to really cook and curate dishes with them.”

How do you educate clients about sustainable food choices? And how are dietary preferences influencing future of sustainable in event catering?

“More and more clients are choosing entire vegan/vegetarian options for their events, which would have been unheard of 10 years ago.

I think this is driven by both cost and sustainability, with corporate clients in particular understanding the benefits of choosing vegan and/or vegetarian dishes over meat.

I also think education and taste testing plays a big part – whenever I present new dishes and they have the option to try lots of different flavours together, it blows their minds, and they are happy to trust in our creations and try more and more.”

It’s clear from chatting with Cristina that making our food more sustainable isn’t just a one-person job—it’s a team effort. And under her guidance, our culinary crew is mixing passion with action to help our planet, one dish at a time.

Get in touch now, and together we’ll craft an eco-friendly event that leaves a lasting impression, not a footprint!

As we gear up for the upcoming wedding season, we caught up with Olivia Manning, our Wedding Sales Manager, to chat about her journey in the industry, current trends, and some advice for couples starting their wedding planning journey.

Q:  Can you tell us a bit about your path into the wedding industry?

Olivia: My journey into the world of weddings was unexpected, much like many others working in the hospitality industry, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I graduated from university with a degree in languages! It began as a detour into waitressing but the company I was working for at the time were launching a wedding venue and asked if I wanted to be involved. As it was a small company, I got a real insight into the process and did a bit of everything, from selling, planning, and operations, you name it, I’ve done it! So, seven years later, here I am, still loving every minute of it.

Q: How hands-on are you in the wedding process at Camm & Hooper?

Olivia: When it comes to the weddings, I’m hands-on from the get-go! From that initial contact, I’m right there, guiding couples through every step of the journey. We kick things off with venue visits, ensuring they get a feel for the space and what’s possible for their big day. It’s during these visits that I really dive deep, getting to know the couple personally, hearing their love story, and understanding their vision.

Once the venue is locked in, I hand the reins over to our amazing curation team, but I’m still in the picture as their main point of contact. From attending menu tastings to being there for any questions or concerns, I’m there to ensure everything runs smoothly. We’re all about saying “yes” at Camm & Hooper—whether it’s tweaking menus, adjusting timings, or embracing a themed wedding. It’s all about making their dream day a reality and ensuring it’s a true reflection of the couple.

Olivia: Green is the new white! From menus to colour palettes, eco-friendly weddings are all the rage, with couples opting for natural decorations and sustainable practices. Personalisation is also huge—everyone wants a wedding that screams “us.” And post-Covid, it’s all about letting loose and having a good time. Forget stuffy traditions; couples want to party, and we’re here for it!

Q:  Any advice for couples venturing into wedding planning?

Olivia: The main thing is to enjoy it because people are going to tell you how stressful it is, but it’s meant to be fun! Don’t lose sight of why you’re having this big day, it’s because you love each other. So, remember, it’s your day, so make it count! You’re never going to please everyone so don’t try to. If you are not foodie people, don’t have a sit-down meal and opt for something different like sharing menus or food stations. If you just love a big party, then have that.!

Q:  What’s your take on the future of weddings?

Olivia:  With every year, I’m surprised by how much the industry evolves.

Couples are breaking free from tradition and doing things their own way. London’s wedding scene is buzzing with creativity and diversity, offering something for every couple. After a tough couple of years, love is in the air, and weddings are back with a vengeance. Here’s to celebrating love in all its forms!

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Join us for an exclusive look at our Banking Hall venue during our Open Day on May 11th

Don’t miss this opportunity to envision your perfect wedding day in our stunning space. Secure your spot by emailing Olivia at We’re excited to show you what makes our venue the ideal choice for your special day!

Nestled beneath Glasgow’s iconic Victorian railway arches, Camm & Hooper unveils plans to showcase the legendary Platform and set the standard for unique events in the city.

Premier events management company, Camm & Hooper, has unveiled plans to redefine the event experience for one of Scotland’s most creative venues, Platform, through its official launch taking place next month.

In an ambitious nod to Scotland’s rich tapestry of culture and innovation, Camm & Hooper is inviting the who’s who of the event industry to explore its expansive multi-room setup through an experiential event showcase titled ‘People Make Platform’ on April 18th, from 6:30pm to 11pm.

Nestled in the heart of Glasgow city centre, under the iconic Hielanman’s umbrella, the legendary multi-faceted space is setting the standard for unique events in the city. By unlocking the full potential of Platform, they promise a night of ‘wow’ experiences for guests.

The immersive launch event will encapsulate the essence of Glasgow’s vibrant community and celebrate local suppliers and friends of Platform. Featuring urban art installations by contemporary artist Ross Muir Art — famed for his unique use of Adidas tracksuits and paintings inspired by art history — alongside up-and-coming Glasgow-based sculptor, Council Baby.

Event professionals attending will have the opportunity to witness Platform’s adaptability firsthand, with live music performances throughout the evening. Renowned party curators We Should Hang Out More, poptastic indie disco DJs Pretty Ugly Club, and local band The Lines will be lighting up Platform, all complemented with a mouthwatering selection of street food and signature drinks.  

The official launch of Platform comes just two months following the success of its latest London-based venue, 26 Leake Street. Having grown by triple digits in 2023 alone, the company is focused on acquiring additional venues in Scotland, Manchester, and Leeds throughout 2024.

Event professionals eager to witness the future of event hosting in Glasgow are invited to secure their attendance by contacting:       

For more information and to explore Platform, visit:

About Camm & Hooper:

Camm & Hooper is a leading company in the events industry, known for delivering extraordinary experiences that leave a lasting impression. From the elegance of historic halls and the charm of Victorian settings to the boldness of industrial chic, vibrant urban spaces, and contemporary designs, its portfolio, including Platform in Glasgow, offers a diverse backdrop for any occasion.

The essence of Camm & Hooper lies in transforming every event into an unforgettable experience. Its team of creative curators, expert culinary teams, and innovative beverage specialists work closely with each client, turning visions into immersive journeys. The culinary adventure is a cornerstone of its offerings, where traditional flavours meet innovative touches, and unique drink selections add an extra layer of personalisation.

Camm & Hooper is committed to sustainability, integrating eco-friendly practices across all operations. This commitment extends to the strategic location of its venues near major public transportation lines, encouraging the use of more sustainable travel options and minimising its carbon footprint. Through sustainable sourcing and zero-waste efforts, Camm & Hooper aims to not only deliver exceptional experiences but also contribute positively to the planet.

Camm & Hooper is at a pivotal point of growth in a transformative move to reimagine not only the business but the events industry at large. None of this would be possible without an ambitious, bold, entrepreneurial, hands-on chief financial officer.

Allow us to introduce you to Natalie…

How did you commence your career in Finance?

I spent my teenage years earning pocket money in my dad’s auction business, where I learned the art of trading. When I wasn’t working on the bidding room floor, I was studying Biomedical Science, which culminated in a Master’s degree in Genetics. I loved the science world; however, scientific research requires a great deal of patience, which I must admit is not my greatest virtue.

I then decided to follow my dad’s footsteps and trained as a chartered accountant in a top accountancy firm, before moving into commerce.

Prior to joining Camm & Hooper, I held several exciting industry positions – from my first finance role with FTSE listed business, Compass Group, through to my first commercial Finance Director role at contract caterer, CH&CO, where I worked closely with Nick Thomas, an exceptional Group CFO on an exciting acquisition strategy. It was here that I first met Derick Martin – now the CEO of Camm & Hooper – whose enthusiasm is just electric and always makes me believe that the almost impossible is possible.

Who inspired you to take the leap into leadership?

I take my main inspiration from two people in my life – my dad and my grandmother – who both taught me invaluable lessons.

My Dad was an accountant turned entrepreneur, who co-founded an auction business which, like many small businesses, has hit many highs and lows over the past 25 years and has had to keep adapting with the times to survive. He has taught me perseverance, ownership, a sense of responsibility for your team and how to keep smiling through adversity. I am so proud of my dad and so grateful that I grew up seeing the realities of what an SME entrepreneur goes through. This set off my entrepreneurial streak from an early age.

My Grandma secured a place at university in the 1940s when 1% or less of students were women. Not only that but she showed up pregnant and unmarried in her first year, which was quite scandalous for the time. She was a formidable woman, a single mother of three by 40 she had a tough life, but she had a brilliant energy about her and her naughty streak was incredibly loveable. She had a thirst for knowledge and devoured books like no one I have ever known. She was always a supporter of the underdog and could often be seen speaking up for those who could not speak for themselves. She taught me to not care too much about what other people thought, to be unapologetically myself and to be propelled forward by people who doubt your worth.

Finally, it also goes without saying that Derick has also been a true source of inspiration – He is excellent at surrounding himself with complimentary people to him. Where he has charm, vision, and intuition I compliment him with grounding, fact, and sadly distinctly less charm but more abrasive assertiveness. I have often wondered how I can ever be a bit more Derick. But someone very important to me always reminds me to be myself, everyone else is taken. I will deal with situations in a different way to Derick but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I continue to work on my adaptability whilst still keeping true to myself.

What do you love most about working in Hospitality?

Hospitality is an industry that never sits still, and I am absolutely biased but I believe it also has some of the most wonderful, dedicated people working in it. 

It is no secret that it has been a tough few years for the industry, but where there is struggle there is opportunity and there will be winners. There are a plethora of acquisition opportunities out there for those in the position to seize them. Demand for events is strong as the working from home movement has meant employers look to bring their people together in enjoyable settings.

Overall, I love the challenge, pace and constant change provided by the events industry and couldn’t imagine working in any other sector.

What is your longer term vision for success?

I joined Camm & Hooper in 2021 to help drive and oversee the post-pandemic ‘build back better’ strategy for the business. I wanted to be part of a recovery story which I could be proud of, which would hopefully make my daughter proud one day. Over the last two years, we have completed three acquisitions, doubling the portfolio we inherited and achieving over 250% growth in normalised annual revenue, and it feels like we are only just getting started.

As part of this strategy, we acquired the iconic OXO2 in 2022, followed by 26 Leake Street and Platform in Glasgow in 2023. These spaces have added a new dimension to our venue portfolio and allow us to  accommodate a diverse variety of event styles from new car launches to corporate receptions and catwalks. All of these spaces are unique and I am very proud of all of them!

Derick and I have now lined up a number of further venue and business acquisitions within the next twelve months, and we are actively fundraising to turn these opportunities into reality. We share the fundamental belief that Camm & Hooper has the brand, the team, and the opportunity to take centre stage as an extraordinary curator of events. This belief drives and motivates me daily in achieving our long-term vision for success.

What do you enjoy doing when not at work?

Finding the work life balance is a constant challenge for me. I am a workaholic by nature, which can be both a curse and a blessing.

In a job with so many priorities how do you switch off? My close friend, an aspiring life guru, tells me to “bookend” things. Don’t see a constant stream of things I have not yet accomplished, pop a bookend after each achievement and allow myself to celebrate it a little.

This is so important because it is easy to forget how much you have accomplished when you are always looking forward. I now make a point of remembering key moments so I can have something to look back against.

That all said, I do thoroughly enjoy spending time with my three-year old daughter, Coco, who regularly reminds me who the boss really is! I am looking forward to when she is old enough to join me in my favourite hobbies, tennis, street dance and krav maga.

What advice would you give to aspiring female leaders this International Women’s Day?

Be clear on your goals and get a mentor! I am fortunate enough to have worked for and to have been mentored by a wonderful Audit Partner at RSM, Karen Tasker. I was looking at FD roles thinking I tick most of the boxes, but the jump in salary compared to what I was on made me think there was no way I was worthy of the role. Karen put me right and I didn’t look back.

Imposter syndrome is not something I suffer so much now. Derick has been fundamental in that, he reminds me that it’s ok not to be an expert in everything or to have gaps in skillsets, those gaps can be filled by the people we surround ourselves with. Mentorship has been key to my success, and I genuinely believe that if more women had access to supportive and inspiring mentors, they would have the self-belief, guidance, and confidence to achieve so much more.

As we enter a new year, wedding trends are ever-evolving, bringing fresh ideas and inspiration for couples planning their special day. In 2024, a blend of intimate moments, bold aesthetics, and personalised touches redefine the essence of modern romance. Discover the top trends at Camm & Hooper venues, where couples’ requests fuel our offerings.

Intimate Ceremonies -The Beauty of Downsizing

Centre stage in 2024 are intimate ceremonies that emphasise quality over quantity. Couples are opting for smaller, more meaningful gatherings, allowing them to exchange vows in the presence of their closest loved ones. This shift towards intimacy fosters an atmosphere of deep connection and authenticity.

Bold & Unique Colour Palettes

Bidding farewell to traditional colour schemes, couples are now exploring bold and unique palettes to infuse vibrancy into their celebrations. Expect a departure from conventional whites and pastels, as couples embrace rich and daring hues that reflect their individuality and style.

Statement Floral Arrangements/Installations

In 2024, floral design takes on a bold and artistic turn. Couples are opting for statement floral arrangements and installations that serve as breathtaking focal points. From suspended floral installations to oversized bouquets, florals become a form of art that elevates the entire celebration’s aesthetic.

Bespoke Catering and Signature Cocktails

Customisation takes centre stage in catering, with couples selecting bespoke menus that reflect their culinary preferences. To add a personal touch, signature cocktails offer guests a unique and memorable drinking experience tailored to the couple’s taste.

Personalised Favours & Floor Plans

Every detail matters, and couples are incorporating personal touches into every aspect of their wedding. From personalised favours to thoughtfully designed floor plans, these details showcase the couple’s story and create a cohesive and meaningful experience for guests.

Experimental Wedding Photography

In 2024, wedding photography undergoes an experimental makeover. Couples now seek unique and unconventional shots that capture the raw and emotional moments of their special day.

Sustainable Celebrations

The momentum continues for eco-conscious weddings in 2024. The focus remains on reducing the environmental impact while creating a celebration with a purpose.

Unforgettable Highlights

In 2024, couples are placing a premium on crafting unique, unforgettable moments. Whether it’s through stunning floral displays, surprise choreographed dances, captivating artistic installations, or innovative food presentations, the goal is to make a lasting impact. The key lies in striking the perfect balance, where impactful highlights seamlessly merge into an atmosphere of elegance and unity, ensuring that each moment contributes to their distinctive vision.

The wedding trends of 2024 are a reflection of a desire for authenticity, personalisation, and artistic expression. Couples are rewriting traditions, embracing the beauty of intimacy, and infusing their celebrations with distinctive elements that leave a lasting impression. As we embark on another year of love and commitment, these trends are poised to shape the narrative of modern romance, creating weddings that are as unique as the couples themselves. 

Camm & Hooper has emerged as a sought-after destination for authentic weddings, where the couple’s vision takes centre stage, from their unique concept to flowers and venue. With the addition of 26 Leake Street, Platform in Glasgow, and Ginza, we are expanding our venue offerings, each catering to diverse tastes and styles.

Camm & Hooper has emerged as a sought-after destination for authentic weddings, where the couple’s vision takes centre stage, from their unique concept to flowers and venue. With the addition of 26 Leake Street, Platform in Glasgow and Ginza, we are expanding our venue offerings, each catering to diverse tastes and styles.

From grand concepts to intricate details, we take great pride in curating an experience that perfectly captures the couple’s essence. Our ever-expanding portfolio of venues across the UK provides the ideal setting for any vision to flourish. Whether it’s an intimate wedding celebration or an extravagant reception, we have the perfect space to turn your dreams into reality.

Explore our Wedding Venues

As we bid farewell to 2023, Camm & Hooper had much to celebrate, concluding the year with the launch of our cutting-edge venue, 26 Leake Street. On the 18th of January, over 600 event professionals were invited to experience the magic of this unique space, an event that showcased not only the venue’s potential but also Camm & Hooper’s commitment to innovation and individuality in the events industry.

The event’s theme, “Express Your True Colours,” was brought to life by our creative team and lighting and audio-visual experts, Blue Elephant. The venue’s blank canvas nature was transformed into a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours, inspiring guests to express their individuality.

The launch was brimming with entertainment, which included live demonstrations by Leake Street’s resident graffiti artists, Shauna, Stockie and Lours, who set the tone for the evening through their captivating art. The Elementals, a reputable London dance group, wowed guests with a spellbinding performance, welcoming them to a night of creativity and self-expression.

The entertainment highlights of the night included various acts from Blank Canvas Entertainment, including roaming magicians, living statue performers, and busker shows. Each performance was diverse and engaging, ensuring that guests had a fun-filled night of entertainment.

The food was a visual and sensory delight. The bespoke Italian food station, where our talented chefs prepared truffle tagliatelle and orzo, stood out with its open-kitchen design, allowing guests to watch their meals being prepared. The Shawarma Bar, designed by Leake Street graffiti artists, was a unique experience that allowed guests to personalise their chicken, lamb, or jackfruit shawarmas. Our Culinary Chefs showcased their culinary abilities with canapés and bowl food, providing a sneak peek into the 2024 Spring Summer menus.

For dessert, guests were treated to a nostalgic Sweet Shop, offering childhood favourites like pina colada dib dabs and rhubarb & custard tea fools. A cocktail-inspired candy floss machine added an extra sparkle of fun to the party.

Signature cocktails crafted by Liquid Chef James Allen put a smile on the faces of guests. The three speciality Cocktail Stations – The Tuck Shop, The Smokehouse, and The Infusion Bar – all offered a unique flavour sensation.

A huge thanks goes out to all our guests, clients, investors and suppliers who made the event truly memorable. The launch of 26 Leake Street was a testament to Camm & Hooper’s dedication to creating extraordinary events.  To explore our venues or get in touch with the team, click here.

Stay up to date with all updates on our social media including major announcements of new venues across the UK!