As we enter a new year, wedding trends are ever-evolving, bringing fresh ideas and inspiration for couples planning their special day. In 2024, a blend of intimate moments, bold aesthetics, and personalised touches redefine the essence of modern romance. Discover the top trends at Camm & Hooper venues, where couples’ requests fuel our offerings.

Intimate Ceremonies -The Beauty of Downsizing

Centre stage in 2024 are intimate ceremonies that emphasise quality over quantity. Couples are opting for smaller, more meaningful gatherings, allowing them to exchange vows in the presence of their closest loved ones. This shift towards intimacy fosters an atmosphere of deep connection and authenticity.

Bold & Unique Colour Palettes

Bidding farewell to traditional colour schemes, couples are now exploring bold and unique palettes to infuse vibrancy into their celebrations. Expect a departure from conventional whites and pastels, as couples embrace rich and daring hues that reflect their individuality and style.

Statement Floral Arrangements/Installations

In 2024, floral design takes on a bold and artistic turn. Couples are opting for statement floral arrangements and installations that serve as breathtaking focal points. From suspended floral installations to oversized bouquets, florals become a form of art that elevates the entire celebration’s aesthetic.

Bespoke Catering and Signature Cocktails

Customisation takes centre stage in catering, with couples selecting bespoke menus that reflect their culinary preferences. To add a personal touch, signature cocktails offer guests a unique and memorable drinking experience tailored to the couple’s taste.

Personalised Favours & Floor Plans

Every detail matters, and couples are incorporating personal touches into every aspect of their wedding. From personalised favours to thoughtfully designed floor plans, these details showcase the couple’s story and create a cohesive and meaningful experience for guests.

Experimental Wedding Photography

In 2024, wedding photography undergoes an experimental makeover. Couples now seek unique and unconventional shots that capture the raw and emotional moments of their special day.

Sustainable Celebrations

The momentum continues for eco-conscious weddings in 2024. The focus remains on reducing the environmental impact while creating a celebration with a purpose.

Unforgettable Highlights

In 2024, couples are placing a premium on crafting unique, unforgettable moments. Whether it’s through stunning floral displays, surprise choreographed dances, captivating artistic installations, or innovative food presentations, the goal is to make a lasting impact. The key lies in striking the perfect balance, where impactful highlights seamlessly merge into an atmosphere of elegance and unity, ensuring that each moment contributes to their distinctive vision.

The wedding trends of 2024 are a reflection of a desire for authenticity, personalisation, and artistic expression. Couples are rewriting traditions, embracing the beauty of intimacy, and infusing their celebrations with distinctive elements that leave a lasting impression. As we embark on another year of love and commitment, these trends are poised to shape the narrative of modern romance, creating weddings that are as unique as the couples themselves. 

Camm & Hooper has emerged as a sought-after destination for authentic weddings, where the couple’s vision takes centre stage, from their unique concept to flowers and venue. With the addition of 26 Leake Street, Platform in Glasgow, The Langley, Ginza, and Jeru in Mayfair, we are expanding our venue offerings, each catering to diverse tastes and styles.

Camm & Hooper has emerged as a sought-after destination for authentic weddings, where the couple’s vision takes centre stage, from their unique concept to flowers and venue. With the addition of 26 Leake Street, Platform in Glasgow, The Langley, Ginza, and Jeru in Mayfair, we are expanding our venue offerings, each catering to diverse tastes and styles.

From grand concepts to intricate details, we take great pride in curating an experience that perfectly captures the couple’s essence. Our ever-expanding portfolio of venues across the UK provides the ideal setting for any vision to flourish. Whether it’s an intimate wedding celebration or an extravagant reception, we have the perfect space to turn your dreams into reality.

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As we bid farewell to 2023, Camm & Hooper had much to celebrate, concluding the year with the launch of our cutting-edge venue, 26 Leake Street. On the 18th of January, over 600 event professionals were invited to experience the magic of this unique space, an event that showcased not only the venue’s potential but also Camm & Hooper’s commitment to innovation and individuality in the events industry.

The event’s theme, “Express Your True Colours,” was brought to life by our creative team and lighting and audio-visual experts, Blue Elephant. The venue’s blank canvas nature was transformed into a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours, inspiring guests to express their individuality.

The launch was brimming with entertainment, which included live demonstrations by Leake Street’s resident graffiti artists, Shauna, Stockie and Lours, who set the tone for the evening through their captivating art. The Elementals, a reputable London dance group, wowed guests with a spellbinding performance, welcoming them to a night of creativity and self-expression.

The entertainment highlights of the night included various acts from Blank Canvas Entertainment, including roaming magicians, living statue performers, and busker shows. Each performance was diverse and engaging, ensuring that guests had a fun-filled night of entertainment.

The food was a visual and sensory delight. The bespoke Italian food station, where our talented chefs prepared truffle tagliatelle and orzo, stood out with its open-kitchen design, allowing guests to watch their meals being prepared. The Shawarma Bar, designed by Leake Street graffiti artists, was a unique experience that allowed guests to personalise their chicken, lamb, or jackfruit shawarmas. Our Culinary Chefs showcased their culinary abilities with canapés and bowl food, providing a sneak peek into the 2024 Spring Summer menus.

For dessert, guests were treated to a nostalgic Sweet Shop, offering childhood favourites like pina colada dib dabs and rhubarb & custard tea fools. A cocktail-inspired candy floss machine added an extra sparkle of fun to the party.

Signature cocktails crafted by Liquid Chef James Allen put a smile on the faces of guests. The three speciality Cocktail Stations – The Tuck Shop, The Smokehouse, and The Infusion Bar – all offered a unique flavour sensation.

A huge thanks goes out to all our guests, clients, investors and suppliers who made the event truly memorable. The launch of 26 Leake Street was a testament to Camm & Hooper’s dedication to creating extraordinary events.  To explore our venues or get in touch with the team, click here.

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In the heart of London, where creativity meets raw urban charm, 26 Leake Street emerged as a vibrant canvas throughout October. This remarkable venue, our latest gem, transcended into a haven for extraordinary experiences.

A Night of Change Under the Arches: Reigate Grammar’s Butterfly Effect

On October 10th, Reigate Grammar alumni gathered under the arches to inspire change through their ‘changing lives, building futures’ campaign. The evening revolved around the butterfly effect concept, envisioning the positive impact of even the smallest actions. The venue transformed into a butterfly haven, with delicate winged creatures adorning tables and arches. Jazz melodies filled the air, courtesy of alumna Karolina Csathy and keyboardist Zac.

“I just wanted to thank you and the team for all your hard work to ensure that the event was a roaring success. The positive feedback we have received from attendees was exactly the impact that we were trying to create, so we are very happy with the outcome. You have acquired a great venue with lots of potential”- Jonny Hylton, Foundation Director, Reigate Grammar.

Global Action Plan: Illuminating Luxury for All

On October 19th, we had the privilege of hosting an extraordinary event for Global Action Plan, an environmental charity deeply committed to reshaping our world for a sustainable future. The event posed a profound question: ‘What would luxury that’s fair to people and the planet look like?’ Influencers spanning various sectors came together to explore this vision, delving deep into conversations about reshaping societal norms.

At 26 Leake Street, we meticulously transformed the venue into a multi-space immersive experience. Each of the three key areas served unique purposes, guiding our guests through an enlightening journey. Arch one and two were adorned with headsets that intricately detailed the narrative of a changed future. These designs, thoughtfully created and produced by talented students from Middlesex University, added a touch of creative virtuosity to the event. As our guests immersed themselves in this visionary narrative, they were then led to the working bar area. Here, amidst the ambience of comradeship, our attendees indulged in delightful canapés and cocktails while listening to speeches from inspiring activists. These passionate discussions illuminated the core premise of their organisation, leaving a lasting impact on everyone present.

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help yesterday with our event. I was so impressed with the level of service we received. I’d like to particularly thank Tobi and Alin who throughout the entire event were fantastic. It felt like nothing was too much of an ask for them- they went above and beyond to help, and they ensured everything ran smoothly. They were both an absolute delight to deal with- so friendly and attentive. They are true assets to Camm & Hooper” – Kristina, Programme Manager, Global Action Plan.

As we reflect on a month filled with creativity, collaboration, and positive change, we invite you to consider 26 Leake Street for your upcoming events. Whether it’s a corporate gathering, a celebration, or an immersive brand activation, let 26 Leake Street be the backdrop for your next memorable experience.

Have You Booked Your Christmas Venue Yet?

This holiday season, enjoy the festive spirit without the hassle of event planning. Join us at 26 Leake Street for the shared Big Winter Party, where we take care of every detail, leaving you to simply turn up and enjoy the festivities. Experience the magic of the season surrounded by the unique charm of 26 Leake Street. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your holiday celebration truly special.

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Client: CBOE Global Markets 


Camm & Hooper had the honour of curating an exceptional event for CBOE Global Markets, celebrating their remarkable 50-year business milestone at our prestigious Banking Hall venue. Our goal was to create a truly unforgettable celebration that not only paid tribute to their achievements but also engaged their staff and clients, leaving a lasting impression. 


CBOE Global Markets wanted a milestone celebration that would pay tribute to their accomplishments and provide an unforgettable experience. They required a dependable events company that could bring their vision to life. 

Our Solution:

Working closely with CBOE, we meticulously curated a unique celebration at the illustrious Banking Hall. Every detail was planned with precision to ensure that their vision was flawlessly executed, aligning perfectly with their company’s objectives. 

Successful Execution: 

The event commenced with a grand entrance, where guests were greeted with arrival drinks and indulged in a delightful culinary experience. Our carefully crafted menu showcased exquisite canapés, bowl food, and Italian-inspired food stations, complemented by delectable desserts. The experience was elevated with signature cocktails by The Liquid Chef. 

Camm & Hooper collaborated with trusted partners Blue Elephant who managed production and audio-visual services setting the stage for the welcome speech. HOSCH designed and installed captivating graphics, and Glam Grazing added elegance with exquisite decorations and bespoke CBOE light fixtures. 

Our dedicated event manager, Jade, flawlessly coordinated every aspect, leaving no detail overlooked. From behind-the-scenes logistics to on-site coordination, Jade ensured a seamless experience for CBOE and their esteemed guests. 

Mary Wilkinson, CBOE’s representative said “The customer service from Faye and Jade was outstanding. And, your whole team and everyone from all the vendors were so helpful and fun and nice and just a joy to work with. They made the party work!”  


The milestone celebration at Banking Hall was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on all who attended. CBOE Global Markets’ 50 years of achievements were commemorated with elegance and grandeur, strengthening relationships with staff, executives, and clients. 

Mary expressed her delight, stating, “WHAT A GREAT NIGHT! Your customer service from start to finish was awesome, and we can’t thank you enough.” 

She continued, “The exceptional venue, delectable food, and exquisite cocktails provided an unforgettable experience that will be cherished for years to come.” “Thank you so very much!” – Mary Wilkinson, CBOE

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In the heart of the Victorian Bath House, amidst the flicker of candlelight and the whispers of history, we witnessed a love story unlike any other. Meet Matt and Amanda, a couple whose unconventional journey led them to our doors in search of a venue as unique as their love.

A year ago, Matt and Amanda escaped to a secluded island without mentioning a word to their friends and family. Yet, they longed for a celebration that echoed their tastes and celebrated their love in all its splendour. Choosing the mystical date of Friday the 13th of October, they embarked on a quest to find a venue that mirrored their extraordinary love story.

“When we came across the Victorian Bath House, we just looked at each other both knowing this was it!” shared Matt “We knew this charming setting with heaps of history and character was perfectly aligned with our vision of something edgy yet classy.”

Their wedding day became a testament to their commitment to a compassionate lifestyle. Both adherents of a vegetarian lifestyle, Matt and Amanda opted to immerse their guests in a solely meat-free experience, a choice met with initial apprehension from some attendees. “The chefs embraced our ideas and food choices with enthusiasm,” Amanda recalled. “Their dedication shone through in each dish, elevating our dining experience to unprecedented heights.”

The air was infused with the scent of exquisite vegetarian and vegan creations, meticulously crafted by our chefs. “Every dish was a masterpiece,” reminisced Matt. ” Our guests were highly complementary of the food, we may have even inadvertently converted a couple to become meat-free.”

Yet, beyond the culinary delights, what truly distinguished their day was the unwavering commitment of our Camm & Hooper team. “Our journey, from the planning stages to post-event, was flawless,” Matt emphasized. “Every team member we encountered proved to be an invaluable asset. Thank you for helping us achieve an unforgettable experience that everyone will remember.”

Amidst the historic walls, sipping their favourite cocktails, the classic espresso martini, Matt and Amanda celebrated more than just their love; they celebrated a love story that authentically mirrored their essence as a couple.

Their story reminds us that love can be as mindful as it is magical, that every dish served and every smile exchanged at the Victorian Bath House is a celebration of compassion and love, beautifully plated and genuinely felt.

Your dream wedding deserves a venue as unique as your love story. Get in touch with us today, and let’s begin the journey to create a celebration that echoes the essence of your relationship. Explore our venues, share your vision, and watch as we transform your dreams into an extraordinary reality.

The Victorian Bath House is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of London’s bustling City. Its majestic architecture has stood the test of time, as it has undergone numerous transformations over the centuries. From its humble beginnings as Turkish Baths to a period as a pizzeria, bar, and nightclub, this Grade II listed wonder boasts a captivating history as diverse as the city it calls home.

During the late 1800s, London experienced rapid population growth, creating a demand for more significant hygiene facilities. To address this need, the Baths and Washhouses Act of 1846 encouraged the construction of public baths and washhouses. However, the city’s elite demanded more upscale options, leading to the rise of Turkish bathhouses. By the time the Victorian Bath House opened in 1895, over 100 such establishments were thriving in the city.

The Victorian Bath House was initially designed as an opulent underground haven for relaxation and cleanliness, catering to the city’s wealthy and elite. Its striking design was the brainchild of Architect G. Harold Elphick and financed by Victorian entrepreneur James Forde Neville and his brother Henry. Positioned adjacent to Liverpool Street Station, the Stock Exchange, and Lloyds, the establishment impressed both contemporary journals and guests who praised its remarkable décor and efficient use of space.

Despite its lengthy and storied history, the Victorian Bath House has emerged from various trials and tribulations as a resilient and iconic structure. It endured two World Wars, IRA attacks, and redevelopment projects, solidifying its place in the city’s collective memory.

In 2015, Camm and Hooper undertook an ambitious restoration and refurbishment of the Victorian Bath House in collaboration with the renowned designer Russell Sage. This mission aimed to breathe new life into the historic site while maintaining its original allure. The designers’ meticulous restorative journey saw them use authentic materials, including Dunhill Tiles, to rejuvenate the venue’s opulent ambiance. They also incorporated contemporary touches such as Champagne bells, a Decanter wall, and a Champagne bath, lending modern flair to this sophisticated venue.

Today, the Victorian Bath House comprises the Lounge, the Snug & bar, and the courtyard, boasting flexibility that permits it to host a vast range of events. Built to accommodate up to 150 standing guests or 90 seated, this venue is an elegant choice for intimate parties, intimate drinks receptions, and bespoke banquets. With an opulent Victorian aesthetic, this unique space oozes personality, and is an exceptional choice for hosting wedding feasts, Christmas parties, summer parties and executive meetings.

The Victorian Bath House’s rich history sets it apart as a unique and alluring event space. It transcends its former guise as a Turkish Bath, now offering an exclusive venue for guests seeking to savour its rich and storied history. Located in proximity to Liverpool Street Station, this historic masterpiece is an exclusive even space. Camm and Hooper’s dedication to preserving history while incorporating a contemporary touch has breathed new life into the Victorian Bath House, firmly establishing it as an essential destination in the City of London. Its journey from a historical Turkish Bath to a thriving modern event space is a testament to its remarkable adaptability, mirroring the dynamic spirit of the city itself.  The Victorian Bath House now stands as a must-see destination and an exceptional example of London’s rich heritage, poised to capture the imagination of all who discover it.

Get in touch with our events team today to explore hosting your next event in this iconic and unique venue.

In the heart of the bustling city of London lies a secret world of iconic and unique venues, each carrying its own unique charm and character. These aren’t your typical event spaces; they’re immersive experiences, brought to life by their distinct décor, signature cocktails and individual entertainment options, all inspired by the captivating history and location of each venue.

From the roaring twenties to a mystical masquerade, from a retro haven to a Winterland, – we’ve curated a list of four exceptional venues that promise to take your breath away.

Banking Hall – Step into the Roaring Twenties

Transport yourself to the exuberant era of the Roaring Twenties at Banking Hall. Once the epicentre of London’s financial district, it now stands as an opulent testament to that golden age. Immerse yourself in the lavish ambiance of Art Deco design, while savouring signature cocktails that pay homage to the glamour and allure of this iconic period.

Victorian Bath House – Unmask the Mystical Masquerade

Victorian Bath House, an architectural gem hidden in the heart of the city. This venue offers a unique blend of history and mystique. Immerse yourself in an evening of intrigue and elegance as you partake in our mystical masquerade, complete with enchanting decor and captivating cocktails.

OXO2 – Enter Winterland

Nestled within the iconic OXO Tower, the enchanting OXO2 invites you to step into a winter wonderland right by the Thames. With breathtaking views of St Paul’s Cathedral and London skyline, it’s the perfect backdrop for any event. Enjoy inspired signature cocktails as you revel in the cool, crisp aesthetics of this magical venue.

Crafting Your Unique Experience

At each of these venues, we believe in more than just providing a space – we believe in crafting experiences. Our event curators work closely with you to turn your vision into reality with fully bespoke menus, packages and entertainment options.

Unforgettable Moments Await

Beyond the beautiful decor and signature cocktails, these venues hold the promise of unforgettable moments. Celebrate milestones, create memories, and let the history-infused charm of these spaces sweep you off your feet.

Ready to Begin Your Journey?

If you’re ready to embark on an unforgettable experience, step into one of our uniquely themed venues. Let us craft an event that surpasses your expectations and creates memories that last a lifetime. The magic begins when you take the first step – enquire now to discover more about these enchanting spaces.

Camm & Hooper, one of the UK’s leading events and hospitality companies, has weathered the storm of the Covid-19 pandemic and emerged stronger than ever. With a new leadership team at the helm, the company is charting a course for growth and expansion in the post-pandemic world.

The London-based events company that specialises in creating extraordinary experiences has grown by 25% since spring 2022. It has also increased its iconic venue portfolio by 35%, due to a surge in demand since the capital sprang back to life following Covid restrictions. With three new venues in the pipeline which will see its revenue triple by this time next year.

Derick Martin, CEO, and Natalie Sykes, CFO, are leading the charge as Camm & Hooper enters its next phase. The company is focused on innovation and growth, with a particular focus on expanding its portfolio in and beyond London. The addition of the iconic OXO2 venue on London’s South Bank has already proven to be a success, with the space hosting a range of events from weddings to conferences. Situated on the second floor of the historic OXO tower, this contemporary and adaptable events space with floor to ceiling windows offers stunning views across the London skyline.

To meet growing demand, there have been a series of appointments and promotions. Camm & Hooper’s new senior leadership team assembled by Derick Martin possesses more than a century’s worth of sector experience between them. With James Robson as CCO, Ed Benson as CTO, Ben March as Operations Director, Qamile Zejnullahi as Marketing Director, Sarah Barnard as Creative Director, Dominika Kurowska as Head Of People, and Chris Hawkins as Culinary Director, their mission is to redefine the events industry.

“The events landscape has changed significantly in the wake of Covid, and Camm & Hooper is rising to the challenge with a wealth of expertise and cutting-edge technology,” said Derick Martin, CEO of Camm & Hooper. “We’re going to continue shaking up the events industry, pushing the art of the possible at every turn. Our recovery and growth serve as a testament to the power of the extraordinary people we have in the business. We’re all excited about the next chapter.”

“The last few years have been a catalyst to making us reassess our priorities,” added Natalie Sykes, CFO of Camm & Hooper. “We believe that events should be more than just a gathering – they should be an experience that leaves a lasting impression. We are committed to delivering on this promise and supporting the ‘living life in the moment’ movement, no matter what challenges we face. We are thrilled at the progress we have made over the past year and we put this down to remaining committed to our vision of delivering extraordinary experiences for our clients.”

About Camm & Hooper:

Camm & Hooper is a leading events company that specialises in creating extraordinary experiences. With an impressive collection of stunning venues, including the grandeur Banking Hall, the opulent Victorian Bath House, the luxurious Jeru Mayfair, the beautifully restored and urban chic venue 26 Leake Street, and the contemporary OXO2, they offer the perfect setting for any occasion.

Their team of experts ensures a seamless and magical event from start to finish. With meticulous attention to detail, Camm & Hooper’s curators, food and liquid chefs work closely with clients, bringing their vision to life and crafting immersive experiences.

Camm & Hooper take pride in its culinary expertise, delivering exceptional dining experiences using only the finest ingredients. Its culinary chefs create exquisite menus, blending classic flavours with innovative twists. The dedicated liquid chef crafts unique and imaginative infusions, offering a bespoke beverage selection that perfectly complements the event.

Driven by a commitment to sustainability, Camm & Hooper implement eco-conscious practices, including sustainable sourcing and zero food waste initiatives. They strive to minimise their environmental impact while surpassing guests’ expectations.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Qamile Zejnullahi
T: +44(0)203 763 7429

Camm & Hooper is thrilled to welcome the ‘London Summer Event Show’ back to our iconic, grade II listed venue, Banking Hall, EC3, on 21st and 22nd March 2023. 

The London Summer Event Show highlights the diverse array of suppliers and venues in the London events scene. Attended by over 700 different buyers, agents and beyond – it is the hub for what is going on within the events industry right here, right now. Engage yourself in seminars from event industry legends from all corners of the sector, and have the perfect opportunity to network with other Illustrious attendees. Immerse yourself in the wide variety of hands-on workshops throught the day, complimented by the inspiring summer time themeing and entertainment. Complimentary food and drink is served throughout the day.  

Our newest venue – OXO2

This year, we are exhibiting at The London Summer Event Show on stand B20 to showcase our brand new venue, OXO2 located on South Bank – come and see us to have a sneak peek! We have a new display stand featuring stunning sketched scenes of OXO2, fully equipped with the Camm & Hooper feel, of course. We’re looking forward to an incredible summer on the South Bank at OXO2:

Steeped in heritage, discover this grand Grade II listed venue in the heart of the City.

All the ingredients for a magical midsummer night dream on the South Bank

Come and see us on stand B20 andchat with one of our many ‘magic makers’. We’d love to tell you more about our iconic new OXO2 South Bank venue and share our story. You can also enjoy some of our sweet surprises as well as OXO2 goodies – don’t miss out!

James Robson, Sales Director at Camm & Hooper, commented:

“We are thrilled to welcome the London Summer Event Show back to Banking Hall at such a pivotal time for the events industry, but also the start of Camm & Hooper’s own transformational journey.

The London Summer Event Show offers an insight into the beating heart of London’s event scene. We’re so proud to be unveiling our newest venue, OXO2 just in time to offer our customers a magical summer on London’s South Bank.”

This year’s London Summer Event Show is set to be a show stopper. We look forward to seeing you there.

Where to Find More Info

To learn more about the London Summer Event Show, you can visit its website here:

To immerse yourself further into the Camm & Hooper story, you can follow us on our social media channels here:





From Proposal to Planning

We are so grateful to belong to a community of dedicated event industry experts who put their heads together to learn from one another’s interests, passions, experiences and skills. In telling the Camm & Hooper story, we’ll be interviewing some of the extraordinary people who make up our community as they provide insider knowledge, tips, and guidance into the vast and wonderful world of events.

Congratulations, you’re engaged! So, what are the next steps?

In the early stages of engagement, you may feel overwhelmed by the immediate recognition that you’re planning for one of the most memorable days in your lifetime; you’ve potentially anticipated this moment for a long time…

In the beautiful but vast world of weddings, the stress of planning may replace your excitement and leave you feeling anxious, desperately hoping things go to plan. Within the oversaturated events market, you may likely face decision fatigue and an overpowering feeling of pressure to make choices. You may well be the most organised person in the world, but you also have a full-time job and are probably not a professional event planner. Let someone else do the heavy lifting.

This week we speak to our wedding curator Ivana who answers some valuable questions essential to planning the perfect wedding. We’re here to question the belief that wedding planners are a luxury reserved for those with larger budgets. Camm & Hooper wedding specialists provide expert guidance from years of industry experience and promise to curate a unique day tailored to your taste and budget.

Q. What factors should a couple consider when choosing a wedding venue?

In the early stages, deciding whether you want a large-capacity venue or a more intimate setting is essential. Determining your capacity will help narrow down your choice of wedding venues and help identify possible locations. We have a diverse but exclusive list of iconic venues and work with you to determine which venue suits your taste, budget and personal preference. From eclectic warehouses to ornate subterranean gems, grand banking halls and contemporary riverside landmarks, our versatile collection has something for everyone, and we work with you to find a venue that suits your personality and preference.

Q. How would you assist a client who did not know what type of wedding they desired?

9/10 couples have a clear idea of what they want, but I ask couples with more vague responses to consider what a celebration surrounding their love story would look like. If they’re foodies, we start by discussing the catering options. Our executive head chef Chris Hawkins prioritises the best seasonal ingredients in his menus but also loves the challenge of infusing different palettes into refreshing, bespoke menus tailored to you and your partner’s individual tastes.

This is all part of the process of really getting to know our clients, and being inspired by their love story, personality and background. From this first meeting, we gage an understanding of how to curate a wedding that reflects you by exchanging ideas and offering our knowledge.

Q. What are the advantages of booking a wedding planner?

Having a wedding curator allows you to focus on the day rather than stress about the small stuff. To be a wedding curator, you have to really love finding the tiny but noticeable details about individuals that make all the difference in delivering unique weddings every time. We offer as much (or as little) advice should you need it and appreciate that this approach leads our clients and guests to remember our weddings for years to come. From years of working in the industry, we’ve shortlisted an expert catalogue of friends of camm and hooper who directly translate your desires into their craft, meaning you save time (and stress) trying to find the best options on the market. As a bonus, we’ve also built relationships that offer our guests amazing prices. We take responsibility when plans change and offer advice and solutions on how to adapt. By prioritising your desires and dreams, we discover how to memorialise these life experiences into events that leave our couples with lifelong memories to be cherished forever.

Q. How do you make each wedding unique?

Like I said earlier, your wedding story starts with you. As an events company, we evolved in the industry from recognising how events veered towards being repetitive and sometimes lacklustre. We have developed our values to prioritise adventure, individuality and magic. We look for what makes your relationship unique and transform this feeling into a day that truly celebrates your love story.

Q. What is your favourite wedding trend for 2023? Where do you go for inspiration?

We take inspiration from the world and people. While we love to know what others are doing, we don’t want to follow trends; we set them. Our team of extraordinary people come from diverse backgrounds and professions, enabling us to prioritise real-life experiences over market products. So, while it may be easy to find what is trending in the industry, we look to our guests to find out what’s important to them.

That being said, it’s hard to ignore the rising popularity of food stations in recent years. Our exec chef has been challenging the industry and trialling new flavours and concepts to create distinct cornucopias of flavour and imagination. Our bespoke interactive food stations and sustainable interactive canapes have been proven to be real crowd-winners for weddings and beyond.

Q. What sets apart Camm & Hooper from other planning services in London?

Our couples are assigned one single point of contact for all their requirements and needs. From the big things like venues, flowers, food, decoration, and entertainment to the more understated details like seating plans, wedding favours, something borrowed and something blue. We rely on our award-winning team to ensure the day is executed proficiently and smoothly. As an events company, we go beyond offering a venue and introduce you to our extraordinary team of infusion engineers and our renowned heart-of-house culinary specialists. The legendary Rich Woods (The Cocktail Guy) can curate a signature cocktail exclusive to you while our executive chef Chris Hawkins rustles up an aspiring cornucopia of flavour and imagination. We want to lead the way in thoughtful planning and invite you to a tasting to turn your vision into a reality, ensuring your big day is everything you dreamed it would be.

Q. What are three pieces of advice you would give to couples looking to get married this year?

1) Find a wedding curator that goes the extra mile
2) Don’t follow trends; remember what matters to you
3) Don’t be afraid to ask questions if it’s your dream to be married under a gigantic disco ball. Find the people willing to make it happen!

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