The Wait is Over! Get Ready to Explore and Express Your True Colours at 26 Leake Street with Camm & Hooper!

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Arrival at 5pm

As you arrive at the Leake Street Tunnel, our friendly hosts will be there to greet you and guide you through the event.

Street Dancers

Experience the vibrant energy of street dancers performing in the Leake Street Tunnel at 5:30pm and 6pm performance. Get ready to be mesmerised by their incredible moves.


Upon arrival, we will tag you with a wristband that represents your intention for the evening.

Coat Check

Prepare to ditch your coat with our helpful hosts

Living Statue

From 5pm to 7pm, marvel at the artistry of a living statue, captivating guests with their stillness and artistic expression.

Welcome Speech by Derick Martin

At 7pm, join us for a warm welcome speech by Derick Martin, the CEO of Camm & Hooper.


Prepare to be amazed as two talented magicians takes the stage at 7:05pm, performing mind-boggling tricks that will leave you in awe.

Busker’s graffiti experience performance sets

Enjoy the soulful tunes of our talented buskers across four sets throughout the evening:

6:15pm to 7pm
7:30pm to 8:15pm
8:30pm to 9:15pm
9:30pm to 10pm

Live Music with DJ

Throughout the evening, our DJ will keep the energy high with a mix of lively tunes.


Tag Our Wall

Make your mark on the event by tagging our wall with Shauna, a resident Leake Street artist as you arrive.

Graffiti Experience

Witness Leake Street’s resident graffiti artists showcase their skills with live demonstrations at 6 pm, 7 pm, and 8 pm. While you’re there, create your own personalised graffiti tote bag with the talented Leake Street artists.

Social Media Tags

Don’t forget to capture and share your favourite moments from the event on social media. Watch as your posts get displayed in real-time for everyone to see and engage with. Use the following tags to join the conversation:


We can’t wait to welcome you to this exciting event!