Work Christmas do at Morton Society

The Elixirr Christmas party committee were looking for a Central London venue to host a party to remember for their global team, with seamless service and that extra ‘wow’ factor, as they were combining the Christmas party with a 10 year celebration.

Company: Elixirr
Looking for: 
Christmas party
Morton Society
December 2019

Elixirr say:

Objective – To find a venue for our Christmas party and 10 year celebration that was walking distance from our offices, could accommodate the Elixirr band and our whole team for a really delicious sit down meal, and deliver the wow factor we were looking for.

The venue – Morton Society is such an unexpected hidden treat! We were really impressed with the venue – the Booze Lab is much bigger and more impressive than it looks in photos. It’s a really unique space. And then, going through the bookcase to go downstairs is such a fun touch. It then opens up in to a really big room, with an open kitchen where you can see the chefs working at one end, space for a band or performer. The decorations looked really classy and fit in with the copper features of the room. Having the split level and the two rooms was perfect for having an infusion station upstairs while dancing went on downstairs, a drinks reception and canapes upstairs and then moving downstairs for dinner. It’s really versatile and we’re so glad we picked it!

The planning – Regina, our contact person at Camm & Hooper, was great. We had a lot of custom requests and different people to please and she worked with us to get the best possible package for us.

We were invited to a tasting of the Christmas menu at Banking Hall, which was a really fun outing. The food was amazing and it was a great chance to get a glimpse of how it would all be presented on the day. We started to get excited.

When we visited the venue we met Patrick (Chief Beverage Engineer) who designed a cocktail especially for us. Looking round the venue with Regina and finalising everything really put our minds at rest. It was going to be great!

The big night – Some of the committee missed the business review (sad times) to get to the venue early, to ensure everything was ready. On arriving at Morton Society, we were honestly blown away. The team worked tirelessly to create our vision for the night. They couldn’t have been more attentive. The venue looked amazing, with really classy festive touches. The gold carpet (we know!) was laid out, drinks being prepared, waiting staff being briefed. The AV equipment was all set up and ready for the band to sound check. I immediately breathed a sigh of relief. It’s true that when service is good you don’t really remember it, you remember your night. Aside from the friendly attitude of the staff which I definitely do remember, it all just went without a hitch. Perfect.

The food – The quality of the food and drink was second to none. Patrick, The Chief Beverage Engineer had designed a cocktail just for us, with glittering Elixirr gold! These were waiting for us on arrival at the Booze Lab. The amazing open kitchen at Morton Society built the anticipation as we could see Ronnie and his team working away as we came downstairs in to the Walbrook Room. We had canapes upstairs, a seated starter and main and a cornucopia counter of desserts, with espresso kickers for afters. It’s a wonder anyone could dance afterwards. But we did!

Our gold sparkly Elixirr cocktails being poured in the Booze Lab

The verdict – With high expectations, and a wide array of tastes to satisfy I was really feeling the pressure as the Elixirr Christmas party 2019 organiser. But rumours are that it was our best Christmas party to date!