Work and the Holiday Spirit – An organization that plays together stays together.

Christmas is my favourite time of year… if you ask anyone who knows me they might even say I have a Christmas problem.  In fact, my husband has passed a rule in the house that I can only start buying Christmas decorations (for my already substantial collection) after Halloween.

My childlike jubilation about Christmas is quite Pavlovian ushered along by my Mum who, now as an adult, I believe was a miracle worker.  As children we see only the magic of Christmas; decorations, chocolate, celebration and the promise of Santa Claus’ big drop. With each passing year this gets slightly eroded by the stress of it all.  

There is a never-ending list of stressors in life – money; romance; work; the economy; family; health – and Christmas seems to exacerbate these.  A 2019 report by Alix partners reported that 82% of people reported work related stress. This was multiplied by another dismal statistic – 42% of people don’t have a single friend at work – creating loneliness and a lack of engagement.  This figure sounded unbelievable to me when I first heard it but when I look around in social settings and see people more engaged with their phones than the people they are with I can see why. The knock-on effect of workplace loneliness is that of this 42%, 26% of them leave their place of work in search of something more engaging.

Forbes cites six things that help to improve morale in the workplace:

1. Give them a reason to believe. 

2. Show you care. 

3. Recognise the good.

4. Learn the power of small benefits or ‘The Fringe’.

5. Promote from within. 

6. Bring on the fun. An organization that plays together, stays together.

It is this last one that has seen a boomerang impact in the events industry this year.  On the one hand, it seems that when times are tough the first thing to go is the Christmas Party.  Many have delayed making a decision due to ever changing PESTLE (political, economic, technological , legal environmental) factors at play – notably but not exclusively BREXIT.  However, there has also been a big focus on team member attraction, retention and well-being. With this has come an understanding of the impact of social gathering on team members sense of belonging and hence engagement.  

Don’t worry you are not alone, and you’re not too late.  With six amazing spaces to choose from with extraordinary people on hand to help curate your event we are confident that the season celebrations will help to bring your team together and share in the holiday spirit.