If you live in the UK, you are likely well-versed in conversations concerning the weather. With snow in March and Tropical summers, we don’t blame the Brits for readily returning to the topic of our temperamental climate, but at best, we need to find a way to work around it!

Our definition of British Summertime is somewhat skewed by predicting the unpredictable. So, why not save yourself the hassle and book your summer event indoors? 

Leave your weather worries at home  

Though we may expect rain, we know that protection from extreme weather also relies on having accessible air conditioning so your event is not in any way at the mercy of the elements. OXO2, our fabulous venue in the iconic Oxo Tower, has all the ingredients for an all-inclusive magical summer.  

With floor-to-ceiling windows that line the north perimeter, watch the sun set while taking in a breath of fresh air from your exclusive balcony overlooking the Thames, all while being protected come rain or shine! 

Spoiled food? Let’s keep things fresh

Meals prepared and served outdoors may attract uninvited attention from pests. Food served inside allows your guest to enjoy our delicious creations without having to share with any unwelcomed guests!  

OXO2 is home to a fully catered kitchen where our exceptional kitchen team curate cornucopias of innovation and flavour. You can rely on fresh produce made to order on the day, knowing that we source all our food locally, and sustainably and rely on seasonal produce, so we know nothing goes to waste. 

Be sure to check out our Spring-Summer menus for some inspiration for your upcoming summer soiree. 

Themed to perfection

Hosting your party indoors doesn’t mean you have to miss out on enjoying the vibey summer atmosphere, we’ve made sure to bring London’s best bits inside the venue.  

The show-stopping OXO2 will be dressed for the occasion, paying homage to the history of the OXO tower. The iconic red neon sign has been reimagined as an OXO2 feature wall among bursts of pastel colours, native wildflowers, playful picnic bunting, butterfly ornaments, and iconic London paraphernalia.


Of course, we understand that you might want to add your own personal touches, too, or create something unique just for you. Either way, we’ll find the perfect solution. 

Let The LiquidChef delight your palate with show stopping infusions

The LiquidChef, James Allen, is infused with liquid DNA. Considerable pride is taken with our selection of splendid infusions. Our elaborate and colourful cornucopia of liquid infusions, curated by The LiquidChef, are blended with flavours that guests will love, creating the perfect liquid experience. Fine wines from foreign climes, beauteous bubbly and craft beers can also be found amongst our listings. We also offer homemade cordials, barista coffee and so much more using fresh organic ingredients. 

Stress-free planning 

Our team are proficient in providing professional support and coordinating events on any scale. We can assist you throughout the event’s planning and delivery ensuring that your summer event is an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. Our culinary chefs have an exceptional reputation for serving delectable food, paired with innovative cocktail infusions created by The Liquid Chef, James Allen.

To discuss your Summer on the South Bank social, give us a call on 020 3763 7429.

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