Top 5 Ways to Spoil Your Mum This Mother's Day

Every year we feel that Mother's Day springs upon us out of nowhere. Year after year there is always a guilty rush to your local M&S for another bunch of flowers and the biggest chocolate selection box you can find. Want to really show your Mum how much you appreciate her this year? We have put together our top 5 ways to spoil your mum this Mother's Day. Whatever your budget and whatever her taste, show her how much you love her with these simple ideas.

If you are away for Mother's Day create a little I-owe-you coupon for one of the below and treat your mother to it later on in the month.

1) Let there be Brunch

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 11.32.00.png

What better way to celebrate your mum than taking her for a boozy brunch? Treat her to burgers, buns and booze at our lively Tanner & Co. A great idea to get all the siblings together for an afternoon of sharing funny stories about Mum, indulging in delicious Tanner grub and not knowing when to stop with the bottomless booze. See our brunch menu here.

2) Get the little ones involved


Got little ones in the family? Help them cook a delicious breakfast for Mum, serve it to her in bed with a good cuppa tea. Children get so excited about treating their Mum or Granny and it's a great way to start a lovely day of pampering. How about flipping up some of our best pancake recipes. Fun for the kids and a delicious treat for your Mum.
3) Tea-riffic day


Take your Mum for afternoon tea at Six Storeys on Soho, available for Mother's Day only! Let her experience an afternoon tea like no other. With a menu full of English favourites with a unique twist. Indulge in Scotch eggs, mac 'n' cheese balls, Bakewell tarts and more whilst also enjoying a coupé of prosecco. One not enough? upgrade to Bottomless fizz, wine and punches.

4) Mix it up

Beverage 47.jpg

Leave the I-heart-Mum mug to one of your less imaginative siblings, give her something she really wants to drink with, one of our in-house infused spirits. Available to purchase from Six Storeys on Soho and Tanner & Co, take home a small bottle of one of our spirit infusions for your Mum to try at home. Get her to mix it up with tonic or bitter lemon for a fancy tipple or pour it pure for to give her a kick... let the Monday morning hangover commence.

5) Feast your eyes on this

TW Weddings 03.jpg

Happiness is quite literally a home-cooked roast by your Mum, but it's time to give her a Sunday off. Treat her and bring the whole family down to Tanner and Co for a Sunday Roast with a glass of fizz, book in advance for a table of four and Mum dines feee.. Indulge in prime cuts of British meats, Yorkshire puddings, goose fat roasties that might even top Mums, seasonal veg and jugs of proper homemade gravy!

For all booking enquiries for Tanner & Co and Six Storeys on Soho please contact or call our reservations team on 020 3763 7429

Are You Sweet or Savoury? Pancake Day Recipes You Will Love!

Pancake Day is just round the corner. The one day a year nobody can say anything if you have pancakes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. However, here at Camm and Hooper, pancakes aren't just for a day, we recommend you get this page bookmarked and start flipping all year round. We've got irresistable crêpe recipes from our head Chef Alan Lucas.

Will you be sweet or savoury? Tag @cammandhooper to show us your creations!


Butternut squash, goat's cheese and rosemary pancakes


200g self-raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 rosemary sprig finely chopped
1 egg
300ml milk
25g butter
2 tbsp olive oil
250g butternut squash, peeled, deseeded and cut into small cubes
100g vegetarian goat's cheese, crumbled into small pieces
Handful pumpkin seeds


1. Mix the flour, baking powder, rosemary and a good pinch of salt in a large bowl. Beat the egg with the milk. Make a well in the centre of the dry ingredients and whisk in the milk mixture and melted butter to make a thick, smooth batter. Place in the fridge while you prepare the rest of the ingredients.

2. Over a medium heat, add a knob of butter and 1 tsp oil to a large pan, then add the butternut squash and cook for 10 mins until tender, turning the heat up for the final few mins to brown a little. Remove batter from the fridge, add the goat's cheese and squash, then carefully fold everything together.

3. Heat a little oil in a non-stick frying pan, then, in batches, add a ladleful of batter per pancake. Allow to cook for 3 mins until bubbles cover the surface, then flip over and cook the other side until golden.

Pancakes with roasted rhubarb and vanilla crème fraîche


For the pancakes

55g/2oz plain flour
Pinch salt
1 free-range egg
140ml/5fl oz milk
Oil for frying

For the Rhubarb
450g pink rhubarb cut into 4cm pieces
85g caster sugar
3 tbsp honey

Finely grated zest and juice 1 orange
2 vanilla pods
4 pieces of stem ginger, cut into thin shards

For the vanilla crème fraîche
1 tsp icing sugar
crème fraîche


For the pancakes

1. Sift the flour and salt into a large bowl. Whisk together the egg and milk in another bowl the. slowly pouring the liquid into the dry ingredients, whisk together until the batter is smooth. Set aside and leave 20 minutes.

2. To make the pancakes, heat a 20cm/8in crêpe or omelette pan until very hot, drizzle in a small amount of oil and tip the pan to swirl the oil around. Ladle in about two tablespoons of batter mix and immediately tilt the pan from side to side to get a thin, even layer of batter to cover the base of the pan. Cook for around 30 seconds until the underside is golden then flip or turn with a pallet knife.

For the rhubarb and crème fraîche

1. Heat over to 140C/fan 120C/gas 1. Put the rhubarb pieces into a bowl and add the sugar, honey, a squeeze of orange juice and 3 tbsp water. Mix well, then lay the pieces flat in a roasting tray. Split the vanilla pods in half, then scrape out the seeds and reserve for the vanilla crème fraîche. Add the vanilla pods to the rhubarb, then bake in the oven for 30 mins.

2. Meanwhile, stir the vanilla seeds and icing sugar into the crème fraîche. When the rhubarb is cooked, drain the juices into a pan, then boil to thicken slightly. Mix the rhubarb with the stem ginger and juices, then spoon over pancakes. Top with a spoonful of vanilla crème fraîche and a sprinkling of orange zest.

3. Sift the flour and salt into a large bowl. Whisk together the egg and milk in another bowl then, slowly pouring the liquid into the dry ingredients, whisk together until the batter is smooth. Set aside and leave for 20 minutes.

4. To make the pancakes, heat a 20cm/8in crêpe or omelette pan until very hot, drizzle in a small amount of oil and tip the pan to swirl the oil around. Ladle in about two tablespoons of batter mix and immediately tilt the pan from side to side to get a thin, even layer of batter to cover the base of the pan. Cook for around 30 seconds until the underside is golden then flip or turn with a pallet knife.

Don't have time to make your own this Shrove Tuesday? Pop into Six Storeys on Soho lobby bar all day for fresh crepes to go.

5 Things Your Wedding Guests Actually Care About

We all know that your big day is all about you and your partner's new life together... but let's admit, impressing our guests is all part of the fuss when planning to tie the knot. Want to know what really wows your guests and has them talking about the wedding for weeks? We've put together a list of how to exceed the expectations of what really matters to your guests.

1) The order of the day

Wedding 50.jpg

Avoid the confusion and stress of what's happening next by letting your guests know how the day is going to unfold. There are a couple of special ways you can display this, our favourite are both beautifully designed A5 card sheets to hand to guests when they arrive or by using a chalkboard to write down the timings and happenings. Guests relax more when they know how the day will run, so make sure you add the order of the day to that never-ending checklist.

2) Fun speeches

BH Wedding 125.jpg

Everyone loves the speech part of the wedding reception. Whether they are heartfelt and tear-jerking or comedian worthy good, any more than 30 minutes will start to bore your guests. Get those doing the speeches to keep them short and sweet. Make the speeches that one step better by getting the guests to play a drinking game, try the words, love, family, friends and watch your guests get boozier as the speeches go on.

3) Music through the ages

Wedding 294.jpg

When booking your DJ and choosing the playlist include all types of music, start with older classics and then turn to songs from the charts and party hits later on in the evening. This gives all the older guests like your beloved grandparents the chance to have a jiggy to some Whitney or MJ and enjoy the night as much as everyone else. A variety of music also means that everybody will have a few songs they really love to dance to, getting all those bottoms up of those seats.

 4) Menu options

Wedding 146.jpg

The majority of your guests will be happy with any food you choose for them. However, some of your guests will be fussy eaters, have allergies or special dietary requirements and this is why menu options should be available in the pre-order. Our catering team have an events menu that can be adapted to suit any dietary and a Thought of Everyone selection of dishes for whatever serving style you choose. We recommend putting on the RSVP cards a meat or veggie check box, and a space to write any special requirements or allergies so we can sort out everyone from the gluten-free to the vegans.

5) The seating plan

BH Wedding 115.jpg

Yes, your guests really do care about who they are next to. We all remember that friends episode where Ross changes table cards and ends up on the children's table don't we? Don't play cupid and seat people together so they can 'get to know each other', don't seat your Auntie who is arch nemesis with your cousin at the same table, don't put one adult as a supervisor on the children's table. Place people fairly so everyone fully enjoys the day, otherwise, it could cause unnecessary drama. To keep the day running smoothly, place people next to their nearest and dearest in the room. Our venues are flexible - if you're struggling to seat everyone just give us a shout and we'll help jiggle the seating plan for you.

Christmas Gifts With No Need To Wrap

With Christmas quickly approaching, forget the badly wrapped candles and books that never get read, have a look at our top selection of hassle-free gifts. This guide has something for everyone on your list, naughty or nice!

"Wow Socks", said no one ever

SXS Beverage 01.jpg

Our Chief Booze Engineer, Patrick Hobbs, encourages you to get that special person something they really want for Christmas this year. "Purchase a Ginspiration Masterclass for a truly unique gift and save yourself the shopping hassle. Gin. Much better than socks." No matter whether it's a treat for your Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandad, Sister, Uncle or your partner it's sure to impress. Explore our blending masterclasses here. Contact our reservations team now to get you and that special someone booked in.

You booze or you lose

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 12.23.19.png

Want something truly unique? Our take away spirits are crafted by our very own Chief Booze Engineer. The strawberry and basil Vodka is always a crowd pleaser or gift them with our quince and blue cheese gin, they will be shocked at how much they love it! With loads of different infusion flavours to choose from they make the perfect surprise for the whole family. For a little fun open them on Christmas Day and play a 'guess the flavour' game.

Festive memories at Tanner & Co

TW Weddings 03.jpg

Save yourself the hassle of a perfectly wrapped gift and treat that special someone to a slap up a meal instead. Experience an evening full of memories you can remember for years to come "Tanner & Co is the perfect place to embrace Christmas over bottles of fizz and our delicious menu, nothing says I love you like wine and delicious food." - Andrew, General Manager at Tanner & Co.

To explore our menus and book the gift of good food and good company click here.

Darling, it wouldn't be a party without you...

Wedding 141.jpg

Skip the gifts this year and invest in an unforgettable New Year's Eve at our Soho Townhouse, Six Storeys on Soho. Celebrate good times with good friends in a private room or area full of wines, beers and bottomless cocktails without the hassle of queuing and hidden entry fees. Check out our packages here.


Don't like New Year's Eve? We have a gift for you too

SXS Food 05.jpg

Save yourself for New Year's Day and treat someone to an unforgettable Bottomless Brunch at Six Storeys on Soho. Enjoy delicious brunch food alongside your chosen weapon - flowing fizz, Bloody Mary's, espresso martinis and more. It's sure to get that special person very merry!

With these great wrapping-paper free treats to choose from you will be saving yourself a lot of shopping hassle and giving that special somebody something they really want - you can thank us later! Contact us to discuss any of the above,, 020 3869 7009.

Camm and Hooper Announce Sixth Venue.


Grace Hall.jpg

Event and hospitality group Camm & Hooper is thrilled to unveil the site of its sixth event space ‘Grace Hall’ on London’s Leadenhall Street.

Grace Hall, which is set to launch in Autumn 2017, will undergo an extensive overhaul, overseen by interior specialist, Russell Sage Studios. The project aims to embrace the venue’s art deco heritage with a nod to its past as Grace and Co Bank.

As with each of Camm & Hooper’s venues, Grace Hall will be designed to ensure the utmost flexibility. It comprises four event spaces able to accommodate up to 200 theatre style, 170 seated and up to 600 standing across the whole venue. Each of the four rooms will be ideal for dinners, receptions, weddings and conferences, as well as working perfectly as additional breakout spaces.

The venue complements Camm & Hooper’s existing City portfolio that includes Banking Hall, Cornhill and Victorian Bath House, Bishopsgate. Within walking distance of both of these venues, Grace Hall provides clients with the ability to host a daytime event at one venue and the after party at another, offering a consistent, first-class service from the same dedicated sales and operations teams.

Managing Director, Claire Lawson said ‘We are delighted to acquire this stunning venue, which neatly fits our portfolio and gives our clients the flexibility of a third iconic Camm & Hooper space in the heart of the city. We’re already taking bookings for the space and look forward to providing both new and existing clients with the service and setting that they have come to expect from us. We are working with Russell Sage Studio to celebrate the art deco origins of the site, while also bringing a new twist to this lovely building. We can’t wait to open the doors’.

Camm & Hooper has evolved the events industry model, taking inspiration from the relaxed, contemporary setting provided by bars and restaurants and transitioning it into an events environment. Its approach is innovative, creative and unrivalled. You will find Camm & Hooper in some of the most unique and historic buildings across London. Its first two locations, Tanner and Co and Tanner Warehouse opened in 2012, followed by Banking Hall, Cornhill in May 2014. The Victorian Bath House, Bishopsgate opened in December 2015 and Six Storeys on Soho launched in Autumn 2016.



About Camm & Hooper

Grace Hall is scheduled to open in Autumn 2017 and is now open for enquiries.

It is the sixth site for the award-winning team, following its current venues:

Camm & Hooper was established in 2012 by Claire Lawson with a very modern vision of the events and hospitality industry. Camm & Hooper is funded by specialist investor The Imbiba Partnership whose current business projects include Darwin & Wallace, Albion and East, Wright & Bell and Casper and Cole.  Imbiba has been recognised for its successful ‘buy, build and exit’ business model, having been awarded the Best EIS Investment Exit at the Enterprise Investment Scheme Association (EISA) Annual awards for excellence at the House of Lords. Imbiba has achieved an average compound rate of return, for all of its realised EIS projects, in excess of 35% per annum (in the case of Drake & Morgan 5.7 times money invested.)

Grace Hall contact details
Tel no: 02039097980

For further information please contact:

Rebecca Hadley
Marketing Manager

Suite 150-153
3-7 Temple Avenue


Camm & Hooper Launches New Mobile App

Camm & Hooper launches new app providing unique services at four of their renowned London venues

Order breakfast on the go, have lunch delivered to Soho Square or enjoy two hours of unlimited drinks

From April 2017, Londoner’s will have access to the brand new Camm & Hooper mobile app, providing users with unique benefits, convenient services and exclusive packages at four of the group’s popular venues across London.

The app will be available to download from the App Store and Google Play, and will cover the Tanner & Co. restaurant, bar and event space on Bermondsey Street, the grand Banking Hall events venue in the City of London, new Soho hotspot Six Storeys which opened in January 2017, as well as the sumptuous Victorian Bath House on Bishopsgate.

A unique mobile ordering system will be in place, so users can place their orders from anywhere, made possible by the innovative Preoday platform. Users will be able to pre-order breakfast items, so those in a hurry can grab their ready-and-waiting orders en route. For guests who don’t want to lose their prime seat, or simply don’t feel like venturing to the bar, the app will also allow them to order from their table for delivery by the attentive waitstaff.  Nearby office workers can also rejoice, as they will be able to order food and drink for delivery directly to their desk for lunch, or even to their picnic location in Soho Square when ordering form Six Storeys.

In addition to mobile ordering, the app will feature an exclusive selection of vouchers and experiences including the ‘Little Piece of Tanner’ package (from £50 for 2) which provides 2 hours of unlimited beer or wine at Tanner & Co, or the ‘Infusions Masterclass’ at Six Storeys (from £150 for 6) which entails a welcome cocktail, 30 minute mixing session with the talented booze engineers, and a miniature bottle of your creation to take home. Both venues also offer a selection of Camm & Hooper’s unique spirit infusions by the bottle to take home, such as pear & sage gin, strawberry & basil vodka or the infamous buttered rum.

With the extent of services on offer, the app will be a must-download for seasoned Londoners who seek the best service at some of the Capital’s most enticing venues.

App features will include:

Tanner & Co

  • Morning Glory – Running late? Relax. Order hot drinks, juices and breakfast foods from the app in advance and it will be ready to collect en route
  • Tanner Al Desk-co to Wool Yard – Delivery of drinks and dishes to offices in Wool Yard
  • Tanner to Table Courtyard delivery – Don’t want to lose a seat in the Tanner courtyard? Order food and drink from the table on the app instead of going to the bar
  • A little piece of Tanner - unlimited beer/wine and soft drinks for 2 hours. £50 for two guests, £250 for five guests,  £500 for ten guests
  • Birthday Package – Choice of cocktail or glass of fizz on arrival, three course dinner, bottle of house wine, and coffee.  £150 for two guests, £375 for five guests
  • Take Home a Bottle of our house Infusion - Take Tanner & Co’s unique drinks offering home with a selection of bottles of infused gins, vodkas or classic cocktails. £60 for 70cl Bottle, £25 for 20cl Mini Bottle, £70 for Three x 20cl Mini Bottles to be collected from Tanner & Co

Six Storeys

  • Click and collect – Breakfast and coffee pre-ordered on the app will be ready for collection
  • Dine at your desk on Soho Square – Use the app to order drinks and dishes from the special menu straight to your desk for offices on Soho Square
  • Soho Square delivery – Enjoy drinks and food from your sunbathing spot on Soho square when ordered using the app
  • Table Service – Don’t want to lose your seat? Order from the table on the app
  • Meet Cornelius - By Appointment Only for 2 including A selection of five 3.5cl infused gins and mixers for you to play with. Served with our Guide to Gin Gluttony and a selection of garnishes. £25 for two guests
  • Masterclass in infusions - A cocktail on arrival to get you in the mood, then a 30 minute mixing session with the team to help create your own gin to serve as a G&T and miniature bottle to wax seal and take home.  £150 for six guests
  • Take Home a Bottle of our house Infusion - Take Six Storeys’ unique drinks offering home with a selection of bottles of infused gins, vodkas or classic cocktails. £60 for 70cl Bottle, £25 for 20cl Mini Bottle, £70 for Three x 20cl Mini Bottles to be collected from Tanner & Co

Banking Hall

  • Pre-order drinks – They will be waiting at your table ahead of your event
  • In-event ordering – Order drinks through the app and they will be delivered to your table or ready to collect from the bar

Victorian Bath House

  • Reserve by app – Make reservation for cocktail bar concept By Appointment Only through the app

Search Camm & Hooper app in the App Store or Google Play to download the app for free.


For further press information please contact Rebecca Hadley, Marketing Manager, 07875599631

Notes to Editors:

  • Camm & Hooper has evolved the events industry model, making full use of all available assets, supplementing events space with permanent restaurant and bar offers wherever possible.  From banks to warehouses, conservatories to libraries, the concept and development work has been award winning.
  • CEO and Founder, Claire Lawson established Camm & Hooper in 2012, which is funded by The Imbiba Partnership, a specialist investment company who are recognised for their successful ‘buy, build and exit’ business model
  • Camm & Hooper seek great concept spaces to enable them to offer unique events to a wide range of clients in the capital’s landmark locations. 
  • Camm & Hooper venues include:
  • About Preoday
    • Preoday provides an e-commerce platform offering mobile and online ordering services. Preoday enables hospitality businesses to offer branded online and pre-ordering facilities to customers purchasing food and drink. It provides a white-label service to companies across the hospitality industry, from quick service restaurants and cafes, to theatres and stadiums. Preoday works both directly with hospitality businesses and partners including resellers, ticketing agencies, technology providers and food tech start-ups.