Midnight Madness Press Release

Coming to London on 19 May: unique, immersive brain-busting event will challenge UK's smartest minds

Contact: Tom Le Fanu, Head of Comms.
Mobile: 07765257031
Email: tom@raiseyourhands.org.uk

On Saturday 19th May at 8pm more than 20 top secret venues in central London will become one huge, overnight playground for 15 teams of the UK's smartest business and academic minds as each strives to win the UK's first Midnight Madness event.

Described as a cross between the Crystal Maze and the Da Vinci Code, this unique event originates from New York, and involves teams from Goldman Sachs, GAM investments and others competing to solve a series of devilishly difficult puzzles. Each will be located in secret venues incorporating some iconic London landmarks.

From sunset to sunrise, competitors will experience immersive theatre and encounter role-playing actors as part of the puzzle-solving. Each puzzle solved unlocks the next locations, and the winning team will be the first back to base.

Teams might find themselves manipulating lasers to unlock a clue in a warehouse, cracking a safe hidden in an empty bank, or using light to signal a passing boat on the River Thames.

Midnight Madness is in aid of Raise Your Hands, which supports small, effective charities that improve the lives of children across the UK. Further information:

Note to editors:  Free team spaces open for journalists. Video footage and photographs will be available from 1pm Sun 20th. Interview opportunities with Elisha Wiesel, CIO Goldman Sachs & Ewan Kirk, Founder Cantab Capital Partners.

Background: In 2015, 21 corporate teams pitter their wits against one another for Midnight Madness New York, raising $3.1m for charity.

"MM New York was uniquely exciting and challenging, where teamwork, exploration and puzzle solving come together to make an unforgettable experience." Ewan Kirk, founder and CIO Cantab Capital.

About Raise Your Hands

Raise Your Hands has been making waves in the charity sector. They're challenging traditional models of charity whilst supporting the underdogs and unsung heroes of the charity sector.

Small charities do exceptional work but without the marketing budgets of bigger names, they still struggle for funding. RYH exists to redress that imbalance. In the first three years, Raise Your Hands raised £500k for their selected small charities.

They do this by putting on innovative events for their community. Midnight Madness is primarily a corporate fundraising event but RYH also put on cutting-edge events throughout the year for their community of Millennial givers.

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