Must Read Hints and Tips For Planning a Private Dining Event!

There is a lot of tiny details to plan for when hosting a private dining experience for your guests that are often forgotten about, don't worry, we are here to help, with our hints and tips from our planning experts that will make your dinner unforgettable.

What time to dine and how long should reception drinks last?
How long should your guests be kept schmoozing and enjoying reception drinks before they get to eat? We would recommend having a short reception with a glass of fizz or cocktail and then go straight into the dinner or a longer reception with some delicate canapés to keep guests from getting hungry before they are seated.


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What are the dietary requirements? Are children attending?
Dietary requirements are very common. Check if any of your guests are coeliac, vegan, vegetarian, allergic to seafood or nuts. Choose your menu, then a few other dishes for those with special requirements. Our menu has a thought of everyone section that has dishes suitable for all requirements to make sure every guest is catered for and doesn't miss out. Don't forget if children are attending you will need a suitable main and dessert for them.

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What drinks for the reception?
From Prosecco to champagne to sparkling wine to cocktails it can be difficult to decide on a reception drink that is a crowd pleaser. The best way to decide is to do a tasting and choose something that is easily drinkable. If your event has a special theme it is a nice idea to do a cocktail that represents that theme. For example, if you were having a 1970's party it might be nice to serve a retro Rob Roy on arrival.

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Which wines to serve with your meal? red or white?
In your tasting of food and drinks choose a white and red wine, you will always need both. Choose something that is popular with a majority of people, not a really sweet flavoured wine or overly dry something that will please the crowd. It is also good to choose your wines based on what goes well with the main course dish of your menu. We can give great recommendations of wines from our wine list that pair perfectly with our catering.

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What seating plan do you want?
There is the layout of the tables, rounds, squares, one long table to think about and who will sit next to who. It is usually better to have people sit with familiar people at social events, it allows them to relax and enjoy easy conversation. At corporate dinners, it is nice to get like-minded people to sit next to each other so they can network in a new or the same industry.

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