The Top Summer Event Planning Tips You Need To Read

The summer is a wonderful time of year to throw a bash, with longer evenings and the warmer temperature your guests will be in high spirits to let their hair down, enjoy cocktails and celebrate.

Create atmosphere with lighting
Clever lighting makes a party more enjoyable, think about your home and how you use lighting and candles to create different moods, playing with lighting is key to a successful event. Whether you choose to inject drama into your event using bold colours or create a magical ambience with fairy lights and candles, lighting effect's the mood and environment of your party. Our Bermondsey venue Tanner Warehouse has a terrace lit with coloured bulbs, making it a perfect addition to summer parties, especially when the sun falls, it is a lovely place for guests to take a break from the warehouse and get lost in the warm summer evenings.

Courtyard 33.jpg

Food suggestions and cooling cocktails
Casual style menus are popular for summer events, try a BBQ, a spit-fire roast or fish and chips to feed your guests, informal canapés such as mini burgers, sausages on sticks and summer fruit cups are also perfect light bites for when it's warm. For the booze, Infused gin and jugs of Sip Smith Summer's Cup on a hot summers day or simply filling a container with ice and cold beers and ciders are ultimate crowd pleasers. Our brand new Spring Summer Menu has an additional BBQ package perfect for summer events, with grilled sausages, burgers, chicken or prawns, delicious potato and pasta salad sides, all the baps and wraps, sauces and smashed avocado, it is the ultimate summer event feast.

Food 79.jpg

Spice up your event with a theme
Themed summer parties are engaging and memorable. They can be bright, colourful and extravagant or simply a colour theme that reflects a brands logo, themes create an exciting atmosphere for your guests to get lost in the event. Our City venue Banking Hall hosted the London Summer Events Show in February, the place was decked out in a summer theme using the best of London's suppliers. The environment was colourful and memorable, reflected in everything from the entertainment, colours, catering and drinks. 

BH Exhibition 53.jpg

Wet weather and heating
It may be Summertime but in the UK we can never be sure that rain won't hit. Especially if your event is outside, getting a heated marquee or arranging some sort of shelter is important to keep your guests warm and dry when Summer rain hits. Make sure you book a venue or arrange shelter and heaters incase of the typical British weather hitting unexpectedly.