5 Things Your Wedding Guests Actually Care About

We all know that your big day is all about you and your partner's new life together... but let's admit, impressing our guests is all part of the fuss when planning to tie the knot. Want to know what really wows your guests and has them talking about the wedding for weeks? We've put together a list of how to exceed the expectations of what really matters to your guests.

1) The order of the day

Wedding 50.jpg

Avoid the confusion and stress of what's happening next by letting your guests know how the day is going to unfold. There are a couple of special ways you can display this, our favourite are both beautifully designed A5 card sheets to hand to guests when they arrive or by using a chalkboard to write down the timings and happenings. Guests relax more when they know how the day will run, so make sure you add the order of the day to that never-ending checklist.

2) Fun speeches

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Everyone loves the speech part of the wedding reception. Whether they are heartfelt and tear-jerking or comedian worthy good, any more than 30 minutes will start to bore your guests. Get those doing the speeches to keep them short and sweet. Make the speeches that one step better by getting the guests to play a drinking game, try the words, love, family, friends and watch your guests get boozier as the speeches go on.

3) Music through the ages

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When booking your DJ and choosing the playlist include all types of music, start with older classics and then turn to songs from the charts and party hits later on in the evening. This gives all the older guests like your beloved grandparents the chance to have a jiggy to some Whitney or MJ and enjoy the night as much as everyone else. A variety of music also means that everybody will have a few songs they really love to dance to, getting all those bottoms up of those seats.

 4) Menu options

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The majority of your guests will be happy with any food you choose for them. However, some of your guests will be fussy eaters, have allergies or special dietary requirements and this is why menu options should be available in the pre-order. Our catering team have an events menu that can be adapted to suit any dietary and a Thought of Everyone selection of dishes for whatever serving style you choose. We recommend putting on the RSVP cards a meat or veggie check box, and a space to write any special requirements or allergies so we can sort out everyone from the gluten-free to the vegans.

5) The seating plan

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Yes, your guests really do care about who they are next to. We all remember that friends episode where Ross changes table cards and ends up on the children's table don't we? Don't play cupid and seat people together so they can 'get to know each other', don't seat your Auntie who is arch nemesis with your cousin at the same table, don't put one adult as a supervisor on the children's table. Place people fairly so everyone fully enjoys the day, otherwise, it could cause unnecessary drama. To keep the day running smoothly, place people next to their nearest and dearest in the room. Our venues are flexible - if you're struggling to seat everyone just give us a shout and we'll help jiggle the seating plan for you.