Sun's Out, Buns Out

Here at Camm & Hooper we always go out of our way to be unique and the best at what we do. Even the smallest details matter, like what burgers we serve of course! We have interviewed Lucas Gardiner, the fabulous masterminds behind our menus to get all the cheesy details.

What inspired the unique burger flavours on the menu?

We like to work with classic flavour combinations and then use them in a different way. Burgers lend themselves really well to slightly more adventurous flavours, so we have the opportunity to be quite playful.

For our Tanner Burger with brie and beetroot, we use a Somerset Brie which is very rich and creamy so the beetroot relish gives it a nice earthy, slightly pickled flavour.

The Cauliflower cheese burger is a classic flavour combination just reinvented between two brioche buns, the pickled red cabbage alongside the cauliflower cheese really cuts through the richness! And as the patty is bread crumbed it has a really good crispy texture!

And not forgetting the Lucas Bad Boy burger, not for the faint hearted, but who doesn’t love cauliflower cheese and a homemade burger with a slice of crispy bacon! We use a special kind of brioche which is made with potato, so it’s not as rich as all butter brioche meaning you can get away with more toppings!

Where did the idea of putting cauliflower cheese in a burger come from?

We think vegetarians often get a bit a bum deal when it comes to burgers! So we decided to create something especially for them, cauliflower cheese is one of our best sellers so we played around a bit and voila the cauliflower cheese burger was born and although it was designed for the vegetarians in mind, try adding ham hock or crispy bacon! 

The 'bad boy' burger is very unique and a menu gem, do you have a few words on how so many flavours in one burger works perfectly?

Burgers have become achingly trendy over the last few years, you can put almost anything in a burger and it will be a success as long as you use really good quality ingredients and a bit of common sense! 

Everyone has different opinions on what they like in their burgers but we work on the basis that every dish, burgers included, should have the following flavour components; salty, sweet, savoury and earthy. The bad boy burger has the savoury pickle and chutney, the sweet cauliflower cheese burger, the earthy beef burger and chutney and then to top it off salty bacon. 

The idea for the Lucas Bad Boy came around when we were doing some menu development, playing around with flavour and combinations, Alan the exec chef and Lucas Bad Boy name sake was feeling pretty hungry and decided to double down on his burger and cauliflower flower cheese burger. No one believed a burger of this size could be eaten but he proved everyone wrong and it earned its place on the menu.

What are each of your go-to burgers from the menu?

Alan the Director obviously favours the Lucas Bad Boy. Caroline the founder and MD of LG loves the Tanner Burger with smashed avocado Chris the head of kitchen operations can’t say no to the Cauliflower Cheese Burger with ham hock and fried duck egg. 

And Truffle the LG office dog loves all of it!

What extra toppings from the Tanner menu do you recommend adding to your burger? i.e smashed avocado, blue cheese, duck egg etc

It’s personal choice, but why not be adventurous and have them all! Trust us it tastes good!

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