A tray of prosecco glasses

Cheers to Prosecco!

If there ever was a day to celebrate, surely National Prosecco Day (Tuesday 13th August) is up there with the best of them! In the UK we are known for our love of bubbly and are in fact the world’s number 1 importer of sparkling wine – cheers to that!

Champagne has always been the number one choice of bubbly but Prosecco has seen a huge increase in popularity. No longer seen as the poor relation to Champagne,  this Italian sparkling wine has captured the hearts (and mouths!) of the UK.

Shane Boyce from Liberty Wines explains “It’s unfair to look at Prosecco as just a cheap alternative to Champagne as it’s a totally different wine, from a different country, made in a different method from a different grape variety.

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Around the time of the great financial crisis, people suddenly had much less disposable income to spend on luxury goods (i.e. booze) but the UK’s palate didn’t suddenly change overnight. People turned to Prosecco, initially because it was cheaper, but many then discovered that it offered a much different proposition to Champagne. The key difference is the method of making the wine – Champagne involves a long-winded process that creates complex, savoury flavours and a wine that has very high acidity. Prosecco, on the other hand, is made in an easier (and cheaper) way which creates a wine with more simple, fruity and floral characteristics- it is less intense and less acidic so overall a much more approachable and versatile style of wine.

Its lightness has made it a popular choice for a boozy brunch and its versatility has led to it becoming the number one choice for use in cocktails.”

Here at Camm & Hooper we’ll be toasting National Prosecco Day with our preferred Proseccos. Ca’di Alte, Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry NV – a light straw yellow in colour with fine bubbles and a pleasant bouquet with notes of pear and floral hints followed by a very bright, clean and lifted, palate. Or Ca’di Alte, Prosecco Frizzante NV – a light, soft Frizzante, pale straw yellow in colour with delicate notes of Williams pear and stone fruits, it is clean and balanced on the palate with a fresh finish.

Cheers to many more years of our favourite Italian import!