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Macmillan Cancer Conference 2019

On the 8th February we hosted the catering for the Macmillan Cancer Conference at Whittington Hospital. We were thrilled to offer our services to such an incredible cause, which is incredibly close to our hearts here at Camm & Hooper. See below for some images of the day and some of the food & drink we were serving up.

Here is a quote of feedback we received from the organiser of the event:

It was absolutely wonderful and please can’t thank the team enough! The food was amazing. I’t’s such a treat for our patients to get such lovely food and great enthusiastic young people serving it!! Double whammy!

Cam & Hooper image - 0ca2f703-b714-4bc0-97b8-08e350e90192.JPG
Cam & Hooper image - 5ed09e83-32a2-497a-908b-e20986919c8a.JPG
Cam & Hooper image - 45b5bac3-1c1c-48fa-b79b-b1a7d6875937.JPG
Cam & Hooper image - c99ef276-9487-4c13-8127-2c16873e7237.JPG