Jeru Mayfair Launch Party: An Evening of Luxury in Camm & Hooper’s Brand-New Event Spaces

Step into our captivating world here at Jeru, where last week, we proudly opened the doors to our brand-new event spaces in the heart of Mayfair. The Jeru Mayfair Launch Party exceeded all expectations, attracting a number of industry experts and enthusiasts who came together to see the stunning new event spaces in Mayfair. Our clients, coupled with the committed and dedicated work of cross-departmental teams, made the occasion an unforgettable success. We are extremely grateful to all those who contributed to the outstanding event and are thrilled to share some captivating photos from the highly successful launch.

At Jeru, each event space has its own unique ambiance, and we’re excited to give you an exclusive insider’s look. So, join us for an elegant glimpse into the heart of Mayfair’s events scene as we revisit an evening that brilliantly showcased every facet of Jeru’s event experience, from our unique spaces and signature cocktails to exquisite cuisine, mesmerising entertainment, and the incredible team behind it all. 

Exploring Our Exceptional Event Spaces: 

Let’s start by exploring the Jeru Garden, a serene outdoor-indoor space with a Mediterranean-inspired light canopy and lush greenery. It served as the vibrant reception area for our guests. Here, amidst the captivating lanterns, people mingled, indulged in delectable cuisine, enjoyed captivating entertainment, and savoured our signature cocktails. 

Opposite the Jeru Garden, we unveiled the luxurious Sapphire Lounge & Bar. With its rich royal blues, avant-garde decor, and breathtaking gold accents, this space truly took our guests’ breath away. It was transformed into an intimate seated dinner area for 40 guests, showcasing its potential to double its capacity with a mirrored table arrangement. The exquisite interior design, crafted by Studio Arin, perfectly captured the decadence of the venue.

Below ground level is our third exclusive subterranean hideaway, Layla Lounge and Bar. This Mediterranean dream with a Middle Eastern touch featured a sunken seating area, intricate tiles, and opulent fabrics. With its private bar and convenient access to Hammam-inspired restrooms, Layla provided a unique event experience brimming with charm and character. 

Entertainment for the night was orchestrated by our trusted friends at Blank Canvas Entertainment, ensuring our guests were thoroughly entertained throughout the evening. Josh, the charming magician, wove his magic, leaving smiles and wonder in his wake. Meanwhile, Charlie serenaded us with beautiful piano tunes that set the perfect ambiance for the night. 

Of course, the evening wouldn’t have been complete without the culinary journey curated by Chef Roy Ner, the creative genius behind Jeru’s award-winning team. The seafood station was an exquisite highlight of the night, offering a mouthwatering array of oceanic delights. Freshly shucked oysters, plump and brimming with the taste of the sea, invited guests to savour their natural, briny essence. Succulent prawns, cooked to perfection, provided a delightful contrast in texture and flavour. The salmon roulade, a crowd favourite, combined the rich buttery notes of salmon with delicate herbs, creating a harmonious symphony of taste.

As the evening unfolded, canapés and bowl food flowed, each bite a burst of Mediterranean flavours and culinary creativity. Among these offerings were the irresistible breadsticks – crunchy, savoury, and the perfect accompaniment to the culinary wonders of the night, adding an element of satisfaction that guests enjoyed. 

Our talented bar team, led by the renowned Rich Woods, also known as the “Cocktail Guy,” delighted guests with signature cocktails. Favourites included the refreshing Fig Leaf Collins, available as a non-alcoholic option as well, and the exquisite Passion Fruit and Vanilla Sour – a fusion of flavours that left a lasting impression, sparking curiosity about the intricate distillation process behind the craft. 

The Jeru launch was not just a celebration; it was a glimpse into the future. The event spaces, culinary delights, and craft cocktails provided a sneak peek into the sophistication and innovation that will define all our future events at Jeru. 


For those who missed out, we invite you to explore the space for yourself. Schedule a site visit with our experienced Sales Manager, Ivana, and witness the wonder of Jeru firsthand.