A day in the life

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It's easy to get wrapped up in your day to day business without giving a second thought to what your colleagues have been up to. So we are shining the light on some of the stars of Camm and Hooper. They've given us a teeny insight into their world, before, during and after work. 

Katrina MacLeod - General Manager, Six Storeys on Soho

Rayna Chauhan - Senior Sales Manager, City Collection

Gabriela Rallu - Reservations Manager

Gatis Lazdans - Ops Manager, Tanner and Co

KM - 6:30, snooze, 6;35, snooze, 6:40 snooze, 6:45, snooze, 6:50, snooze, 6:55 snooooooze..... 09:00 sh*t I'm late!
RC - ...5AM. I aim to be out of the house by 5.45AM at the latest. I commute from sunny Bournemouth so I always have to allow for traffic.
GR - 7am then get out of bed by 7.15am Breackie with the hubby and get ready! ( I will play some reggaeton lento while getting ready)
GL - Most of the time I wake up before my alarm goes off when my morning routine kicks in. My internal alarm goes off every morning between 6:30 and 7:00am, and I immediately check my emails. It is important for me to start my day on top of any tasks or issues. I get the work done to eliminate stress that may occur and then I take my time to appreciate and to enjoy the beauty of my environment regardless of where in the world I am that day.

KM - making everyone's life easier
RC - looking after the overall sales and events at Banking Hall as well as selling across the other City Collection venues, Grace Hall and the Victorian Bath House.
GR - Getting as many people booked in at Tanner and Co, Six Storeys and VBH BAO as possible, and oversee all public facing Venues are getting noticed too. (sharing the limelight with Events is hard as they are great!)
GL - meeting the expectations of our guests and to make sure that every single guest of our house gets the best experience ever.  

KM - directly from the Captain.
RC - after pestering Darren for a short time! I met Claire while she was consulting for The Concerto Group and I saw how great Camm & Hooper were and wanted a new challenge.
GR - Interviewed at Six Storeys (which I loved) with Darren, then met Holly at Tanner for a second catch up and I was in!
GL - because I luckily stumbled across Mr Jason Capper for a quick chat and the rest is a history. Idea of working with a team in a company that has maintained a boutique feel and respectable reputation is a great honour.

KM - Involves cycling, climbing a lot of stairs, making at least 2 people laugh with a lovely glass of red at the end.
RC - is spent running between our City Collection venues for client meetings and supporting the City Collection sales team.
GR - Couple of days at HQ Temple then working at the Venues once or twice a week. Making bookings, updating reports, planning and forecasting, looking at the future bookings and maximising space to get more covers in. (and snacking at the office with my desk neighbours)
GL - One of the best things about my day is that it is never typical. Nearly every day in my week is different. This is my favourite thing about the events.

KM - 
Oh so many.....
Doing a bum spin in a dance off with a customer who happened to be a famous Welsh Singer, being mentioned on twitter for it and the video going viral in the office.... 
Taking a payment for Prince Harry only for the wifi on the pdq machine to go down.... awkward....
RC - was seeing Bombay Sapphire's Laverstock Express at Banking Hall. After all the months of pitching and planning it was great to have it come together in all it's glory!
GR - Got an invite to the Graham Norton show (thank you Holly!) sat on the red chair, tried to sell C&H venues forgot to speak english and didn't make it to the air. BUT I LOVED IT.
GL - Event that will always stay in my mind is a concert I have produced for Mr Wolfgang Haffner who is a famous German Jazz drummer. It was early December and during his performance there was a power cut. As I was standing next to the stage it was easy for me to get up and take out my lighter and as it was a festive period I invited everyone to sing along with one of the most popular Christmas songs ‘Silent Night, Holy Night’ - it brought all the audience together. While we were singing an associate of mine managed to get back the power. The atmosphere was amazing and understanding from the audience of 400 people that most likely would be the biggest choir I have ever sung with.

KM - Bad feedback, who likes bad feedback?!
RC - is when the planning process comes to an end. It's great fun working with our lovely clients so it's such a shame when it's all over.
GR - Monday...........
GL - what is frustrating is the mistakes you must make to learn along the way. However, every precious lesson comes at a steep price.

KM - Passionate People.
RC - showing clients around our stunning and unique event spaces. They really do sell themselves.
GR - The amazing people I get to work with every single day at the office and at the venues!
GL - It takes a strong personality to be able to unleash a creative mindset without the fear of other people’s judgements. A true creative person is fearless to express his own views and I believe that I have got this trait.

KM - Fill up my diary with all my neglected friends....
RC - I try running off to a pilates class then drive back to Bournemouth. On Fridays there's always a big glass of red waiting for me at home.
GR - House-wifey work, catching up with my fave TV shows and movies, try to get some form of exercise at least once a week...ish, talk to my Latina mama everyday, read, dance, climb trees, donated blood... you know the usual. :) 
GL - devote myself to Music. Music as a passion of my life has helped me to overcome my limited beliefs. The ability to explore myself with music I have considered as a gift. It is in the way in which music has enriched my life and made me a better person and offered me a place to go when the rest of the world has gone crazy.

A day in the life

We've asked a few people to share with us a bit about their role within Camm and Hooper.

Rebecca Hadley - Marketing Manager

Courtney Grice - Marketing Executive

Emma Hamilton - Head of Sales

Adam Still - Duty Manager

RH -  at 6:30am and first thing is first...coffee. I'm not one to eat breakfast so as soon as I'm ready I head to the train station.
EH - Around 6am, but I always snooze until 6.30am....  I quickly check my emails whilst waiting to see what the weather is going to be like today (something I ALWAYS do, rain = frizzy messy hair.  Not chic or good for meeting clients) Im definitely a 'morning faffer'. I'll usually grab breakfast to eat at my desk, and my day starts as soon as I get to whichever venue i'm at that day!
CG - And I’m out the door by quarter to eight. I walk three steps to the nearest bus stop and spend my morning commute scrolling through Instagram feeds, noting the twitter trends or trying to FaceTime my furry children in Australia.   
AS - It is set at 6:30am everyday, regardless. I change my sleeping Spotify playlist to something more upbeat then I head into the shower...

RH - ...all venue websites, brand development and venue promotion. I work with our Digital Marketing Agency, Fountain, on lead generation campaigns, search engine optimisation and pay per click. I project manage menu production and photography across all sites as well as overseeing all social media activity, content development, customer retention and other marketing communications. I coordinate with Spider PR on ongoing media coverage and liaise with the sales team on need periods in order to adapt our marketing activity accordingly. 
CG - Generating, monitoring and engaging with all content for social media platforms across the five Camm & Hooper venues. Putting my gift of the gab to use in monthly mailers, blog posts, website content and connecting with key influencers. Management of third party database, updating venue information and image galleries. Designing marketing collateral – brochures, flyers, email signatures, menus. Coordinating editorial collaborations, sourcing PR opportunities and maintaining account relationships.
EH - Overseeing the event sales team and making sure we hit budgets!  Each venue has a monthly and year-end budget, and its my job to drive and manage the team to achieve these.  I work very closely with Darren (Director of Sales), as well as all other internal departments, to constantly try and move the business forward and essentially ensure we're making money and people are booking with us.
AS - The Banking Hall as a building, ensuring it stays standing after our Ibiza raves. I ensure we are prepared for the moment that unwanted visitor walks in through the glass doors to check our Insurance, Health & Safety, Food Hygiene or Fire Documents. I take the BEO's and ensure it replicas the venue on the actual day so we have smiling clients and guests as they walk in the door. 

RH - ...through a friend working for Fountain. I wasn't happy doing what I was doing and fancied a change. Luckily Claire and Darren were willing to take a risk.
CG - By spontaneously deciding to move half way across the world with my then colleague (turned housemate) who had previously worked with Camm & Hooper and put me in touch.
EH - I met Darren and Claire for coffee back in 2013 after being introduced by a mutual contact, a while before a position became available and whilst I was working for a Private Members Club in Soho.  Tanner & Co was the only site and still hadn't really developed its 'Events' offering.  I knew there and then that this was a company I wanted to work for - I loved their relaxed and friendly approach.  I loved the site, I loved the people, and mostly, I loved their attitude and approach to events and hospitality.  Their drive to develop something new and exciting in a market saturated with event venues was exciting - especially as a small company, I knew there'd be room to grow.
AS - over 2 years ago after giving a cringey speech to Claire. I got the phone call to say I had the job at the Fireworks on Bonfire night.

RH - is based at head office in Temple. The majority of my time is spent liaising with Fountain and St Nicks on current projects. Recently we have been focusing on new website development, content creation and A/B split testing the sites to ensure we're converting as much business as possible. 
CG - First things first - making a LARGE cup of coffee is always an essential. Then it’s onto emails, putting the keyboard to good use with scheduling social media posts, thinking cap on for writing various pieces of content and designing brochures, flyers…the works! Oh and I’m sure menus get a look in at least once a day.
EH - Is very busy! With 4 venues and a team of 9 sales managers...there's never a dull moment thats for sure.   I start my week with sales meetings, as well as writing and producing any reports I may need to send out.  My inbox is constantly full - something im working on - less emails. A big chunk of my day/week is spent dealing with whatever Darren/Jason/Paul/Sales throw at me...
AS - I check the bogs and then I crack on with the set up of the next event ahead, I annoy the sales team and ensure Alan's espresso is on standby. I then put my OCD to good use and make sure the building looks better than the previous day. I make sure the building is looking ready and clean, whether it be for a site visit, photoshoot, event or just for me to try impress the internals. 

RH – When Banking Hall won Best Wedding Venue at the London Venue Awards. It was the first application I had ever put together and with BH being such a young venue compared to some of the more established competition it was such a buzz for the whole team when we won.
CG - Six Storeys open day – my cheeks have never hurt so much from smiling. Just being able to show off really…the venue of course.
EH -Has to be Tanner Warehouse winning London Wedding Venue of the Year 2016.  Blood, sweat and tears went into making it a London Wedding hotspot  - extremely proud of the team for beating off the tough competition for this one!!  If only we'd expected the award and not finished 'oh, just one more bottle' of terrible house wine at the awards...
AS - One word. Fergie. 
After a long day of the filming of Fergie's new music video, hours after the agreed finish time and after being banned from the counting room by 7 foot body guards, I took it upon myself to turn the lights off and unplug the music source on the Black Eyed Pea's celeb who had boarded herself up in the boardroom eating takeaway and drinking champagne from the bottle. Now who is fergilicous ;)

RH – The dirty fridge in the office! No I’m just kidding...dare I mention the 'M' word....menus...formatting menus!
CG - Running out of milk…
EH - Listening to Hadley moan about the dirty fridge in head office.  'Who's kiwi is this frozen to the back of the shelf???' followed by several Whatsapp photographs of mouldy grapes...
AS - The Hangovers...

RH – The creativity, the day to day variety and the people. 
CG - How fab our venues and the respective teams are, makes working with them a breeze!
EH - Is that every day really is different, and I do my best to keep it that way.  One day i'll be in head office with the team, looking at budgets, helping convert sales, and the next, talking to Patrick Hobbs CBE about how we can create a cocktail and tasting experience based on a new aftershave and its key ingredients.... who knew! I guess i'm also pretty lucky to work with a great bunch of people...
AS - The people I spend my days with at this company. I look forward to every day due to the relationships I have with my amazing colleagues :) 

RH – If I’m not going to the theatre I tend to head straight home, heat up a 'here's what I made earlier' meal out of the freezer and watch my favourite show on Netflix.
CG - More often than not I’ll head straight home to cook dinner then curl up to read or play catch up on my favourite shows. Although with the change in weather it’s also not hard to convince me to stay for a few.
EH – I should probably start planning my wedding…but who am I kidding. I’m a sucker for terrible reality TV and a glass of wine - so i'll probably get stuck into an episode of 'Real Housewives'.... then try and catch up with the latest episode of Suits...On warmer nights, I can be found taking a stroll through Wimbledon Common attempting my 'fresh air & vitamin D fix'...
AS - Party it up in Heaven, of course! I WILL be able to twerk one of these days..