Burlesque dancers posing together

Introducing the House of Burlesque

Tomorrow night the House of Burlesque launches its first ever Summer Speakeasy at Grace Hall, Leadenhall. We caught up with Queen of Provocateurs, Tempest Rose, to find out more about the decadent world of Burlesque.

How did you get into Burlesque?

My first burlesque job was in Kitten Club Burlesque Cabaret at underground burlesque club Volupte. I trained in musical theatre and had to put together a routine I thought was ‘burlesque’, with singing, dance and comedy for the audition which came through a friend of a friend. This was before burlesque hit the mainstream. I had an idea that it would be like the Kit Kat Club in Cabaret and, in fact, I was not far off. I did the audition and was invited to watch the show. It was exciting, multi-skilled, sexy and satirical. I knew I wanted to be involved immediately and luckily I was offered a place in the troupe.

Why do you think Burlesque can be empowering to women? 

Burlesque allows the performer to design their sexuality by their own rules. It’s not about conforming to a narrow mainstream idea of what is attractive or sexy, but throwing the rule book away and writing our own rules. It’s about celebrating women as they are, and not just our bodies, but our minds and creativity – as whole beings.

What would you say to people who think Burlesque is demeaning to women?

Go and see a show! At House of Burlesque we celebrate women as whole, confident, sexy, powerful, funny, provocative and amazing! Too often women are denied the chance to own their own sensual representation, burlesque done properly is the exact opposite – how can that be demeaning? Step into our world for a night – and let us entertain you.

Why do you think people should see a Burlesque show?

Get out that outfit you are worried might be “too much” but have always wanted to wear and come and see a House of Burlesque show- because we are the best at what we do. Glamorous, decadent, innovative, entertaining, tongue in cheek and uplifting. We love what we do and can’t wait to share that magic with you!

House of Burlesque will be performing at Grace Hall every Friday night from 26th July – mid November. Pre and Post dinner options are available to be pre-booked. Book your tickets here.

Burlesque dancers posing together