Collaboration – the key to success.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” –Henry Ford

January is a busy time for many businesses. Either organisations are meeting to review, assess and pivot for their final quarter, workshopping budgets for the next year or they are unveiling the strategy for the year ahead for their teams. Regardless of the reasons why gathering the team to communicate, collaborate or create the way forward is a key initiative for January.

Today’s business world is rapidly changing, increasing in complexity and so brings a high degree of uncertainty.  As such many companies have abandoned the long-term business plans in favour for long term vision with the ability to pivot quickly and often when the circumstances require.  

This requires the leaders of the business to come together in what is often referred to as a scrum (Forbes) for an intense period of time and then go back to their fields of play and work the plan (sprint) with their teams.  

The format of this will depend on your business, and could have several layers. In essence though companies that understand the need for agility in a rapidly changing market will use some form of assess, plan, do, review model.

In addition to the formation and sharing of business objectives, bringing teams together for a meeting, workshop or conference enables companies to; reaffirm the company culture, values and missions; influence attitudes towards their team members’ work and their employers, and further shape brand perceptions internally.

After the December festivities it’s often difficult to regroup but bringing everyone together to realign the company focus is imperative to start the new year with intention, focus and action-oriented objectives.