Camm & Hooper, the curators of magical events, has entered into an exclusive new partnership with renowned cocktail innovator Rich Woods, also known as “The Cocktail Guy”.

Rich Woods is an award-winning bartender celebrated for his pioneering, avant-garde approach to crafting innovative infusions. He is known for his boundary-pushing combinations and unique flavour creations, all of which are rooted in his deep understanding and exploration of flavour. Woods is a published author who focuses on infusions, distillations, and innovative combinations. He has been described as a “Master Mixologist” by The Daily Telegraph and a “Pioneering Bartender” by City A.M.

At Camm & Hooper, creative food and drink is the cornerstone of any event, and the events management company takes pride in its selection of award-winning infusions and curated custom cocktails. Woods works closely with local and sustainable producers and foragers to source the highest quality seasonal ingredients, ensuring both exquisite culinary experiences and environmentally sustainable practices, which are key priorities for Camm & Hooper.

“We are thrilled and proud of this partnership,” said Derick Martin, CEO at Camm & Hooper. “We are always looking at ways of innovating and pushing the boundaries of what an event can be. With The Cocktail Guy onboard, we can be even more creative. Rich is a renowned cocktail innovator in his field and is the perfect match when it comes to ensuring our guests continue to enjoy magical, unforgettable flavours and moments.”

Rich Woods added: “It feels like the perfect partnership. The Camm & Hooper team is creative, innovative and want to make magic happen. This aligns perfectly with how I approach cocktail curation. You need to want to ‘wow’ people’s senses from every angle. It’s an exciting new journey that we are on, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us.”

About Camm & Hooper:

Camm & Hooper is a renowned London-based events company that specialises in creating extraordinary experiences. With an impressive collection of stunning venues, including the grandeur Banking Hall, the opulent Victorian Bath House, the industrial chic Tanner Warehouse, and the contemporary OXO2, they offer the perfect setting for any occasion.

Their team of experts ensures a seamless and magical event from start to finish. With meticulous attention to detail, Camm & Hooper’s curators, food and liquid chefs work closely with clients, bringing their vision to life and crafting immersive experiences.

Camm & Hooper take pride in its culinary expertise, delivering exceptional dining experiences using only the finest ingredients. Its culinary chefs create exquisite menus, blending classic flavours with innovative twists. The dedicated liquid chef crafts unique and imaginative infusions, offering a bespoke beverage selection that perfectly complements the event.

Driven by a commitment to sustainability, Camm & Hooper implement eco-conscious practices, including sustainable sourcing and zero food waste initiatives. They strive to minimise their environmental impact while surpassing guests’ expectations.

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