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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” –Henry Ford

January is a busy time for many businesses. Either organisations are meeting to review, assess and pivot for their final quarter, workshopping budgets for the next year or they are unveiling the strategy for the year ahead for their teams. Regardless of the reasons why gathering the team to communicate, collaborate or create the way forward is a key initiative for January.

Today’s business world is rapidly changing, increasing in complexity and so brings a high degree of uncertainty.  As such many companies have abandoned the long-term business plans in favour for long term vision with the ability to pivot quickly and often when the circumstances require.  

This requires the leaders of the business to come together in what is often referred to as a scrum (Forbes) for an intense period of time and then go back to their fields of play and work the plan (sprint) with their teams.  

The format of this will depend on your business, and could have several layers. In essence though companies that understand the need for agility in a rapidly changing market will use some form of assess, plan, do, review model.

In addition to the formation and sharing of business objectives, bringing teams together for a meeting, workshop or conference enables companies to; reaffirm the company culture, values and missions; influence attitudes towards their team members’ work and their employers, and further shape brand perceptions internally.

After the December festivities it’s often difficult to regroup but bringing everyone together to realign the company focus is imperative to start the new year with intention, focus and action-oriented objectives.

Year end, budgets, stocking stuffers, secret Santa, family, friends, parties, costumes presents and promises…. It’s no wonder that the holiday season has the highest burnout rates of the year.  For our team at Camm & Hooper and for all those working in the hospitality industry, the holiday season can be particularly stressful.  

‘Bouncebackability’ was the phrase coined by Crystal Palace Manager Iain Dowie when describing his team’s spirit to bounce back from 2-0 down to win a game 3-2. It is the perfect word to describe resilience – the ability to recover from adversity and discomfort to perform at your best (a must during silly season). Resilience is the key to keeping everyone engaged and ready to handle any situation in the most positive way (agency no shows, missed deliveries, stressed clients, poor weather).

Spiritual energy

Rather than in the religious sense, this is more about one of purpose – a unique force for action. It’s the connection to a deeply held set of values and to a purpose beyond self-interest. For example, at Camm & Hooper we ask our team does our vision – Extraordinary People Curating Iconic Experiences – resonate with them? Do they know how it applies to them? Studies have found that teams with a strong identity, sense of purpose and cohesion will far outlast any others.  There is a congruence between their personal values and those of the company.

Emotional energy

Emotional energy is simply the ability to manage emotions skilfully during day-to-day work. Positive emotions such as fun, challenge, adventure and opportunity replenish your energy – whereas negative emotions of fear, frustration, anger or boredom actually drain energy.  You are not going to be pepped up every second of every day… that would just be annoying to everyone around you and unsustainable but when your energy dips try to give yourself time to restock your positive emotions. A tip I use is that everything is a choice… including how I feel.  I often ask myself, “Who am I being while I am doing what needs to be done?” Let’s face it you have to do ‘it’ anyway so you may as well be in a good mood. It’s made easier at Camm & Hooper where one of our values is to bring fun and a little bit of quirkiness to everything we do.

Physical energy

Our bodies are the vehicles by which we get everything done. Like running a car with little fuel, like driving at top speed at all times, or like not taking care of the machinery – we would soon be heading for a break down. Follow these top tips for maintaining your physical wellbeing:

Mental energy

Nothing interferes with performance as much as the inability to focus on the task at hand. What inevitably happens is that you focus on too many things, none of them getting completed yet all of them demanding your attention… this of course increases stress levels.  Being deliberate, single minded and focussed on each task helps to ensure that we move through our “to do” lists in a systematic manner.  

Resilience and bouncebackability are increasingly being seen as the number one way to keep teams motivated, inspired and full of energy so that they are able to deal with whatever life and work throw at them.  

So remember to let yourself off the hook, try to manage your energy not your time and get together with friends and family who recharge your emotional batteries.

Christmas is my favourite time of year… if you ask anyone who knows me they might even say I have a Christmas problem.  In fact, my husband has passed a rule in the house that I can only start buying Christmas decorations (for my already substantial collection) after Halloween.

My childlike jubilation about Christmas is quite Pavlovian ushered along by my Mum who, now as an adult, I believe was a miracle worker.  As children we see only the magic of Christmas; decorations, chocolate, celebration and the promise of Santa Claus’ big drop. With each passing year this gets slightly eroded by the stress of it all.  

There is a never-ending list of stressors in life – money; romance; work; the economy; family; health – and Christmas seems to exacerbate these.  A 2019 report by Alix partners reported that 82% of people reported work related stress. This was multiplied by another dismal statistic – 42% of people don’t have a single friend at work – creating loneliness and a lack of engagement.  This figure sounded unbelievable to me when I first heard it but when I look around in social settings and see people more engaged with their phones than the people they are with I can see why. The knock-on effect of workplace loneliness is that of this 42%, 26% of them leave their place of work in search of something more engaging.

Forbes cites six things that help to improve morale in the workplace:

1. Give them a reason to believe. 

2. Show you care. 

3. Recognise the good.

4. Learn the power of small benefits or ‘The Fringe’.

5. Promote from within. 

6. Bring on the fun. An organization that plays together, stays together.

It is this last one that has seen a boomerang impact in the events industry this year.  On the one hand, it seems that when times are tough the first thing to go is the Christmas Party.  Many have delayed making a decision due to ever changing PESTLE (political, economic, technological , legal environmental) factors at play – notably but not exclusively BREXIT.  However, there has also been a big focus on team member attraction, retention and well-being. With this has come an understanding of the impact of social gathering on team members sense of belonging and hence engagement.  

Don’t worry you are not alone, and you’re not too late.  With six amazing spaces to choose from with extraordinary people on hand to help curate your event we are confident that the season celebrations will help to bring your team together and share in the holiday spirit.

Battersea Power Station (BPS) has selected leading events company Camm & Hooper as their partner for the unique event spaces being created inside the iconic Grade II* listed Power Station, which is due to open to the public in 2021.

Situated on the banks of the River Thames, with a new six-acre public park at its foot, the Power Station is set to become one of the most exciting new destinations in London. Its event spaces will play host to a range of activities including music gigs, cultural and art performances, fashion shows, major industry awards, brand product launches, conferences, intimate cocktail parties and large-scale hospitality functions.

The events will take place in the Generator Hall, Control Room A and a further three spaces including a terrace with expansive riverside views which, together, will be known as Battersea Power House:

BPS will work closely with Camm & Hooper to fit out this significant new London venue ready for launch in 2021.

Camm & Hooper has extensive experience in delivering iconic events in a classic setting, including Banking Hall and Victorian Bath House in the City of London, which have been beautifully redesigned for an entirely different purpose. 

A range of bespoke menus is being carefully designed by celebrity executive head chef Ronnie Murray, formerly of Hix Restaurants, and his team. Meanwhile sumptuous and unusual cocktails will be created by Camm & Hooper’s Chief Beverage Engineer Patrick Hobbs to reflect the iconic nature of the Art Deco Power Station and its thriving riverside destination.

Andrew Hilston, head of phase 2 and leasing, at Battersea Power Station Development Company (BPSDC), said: “We are creating truly unique event spaces inside this world-famous landmark, which Camm & Hooper will be taking on as London’s most exciting new riverside venue. Battersea Power Station is set to become home to some of the most alluring leisure, retail and restaurant brands from across the globe, all coming together to create London’s newest neighbourhood. We are thankful to our Malaysian shareholders for their support in making this vision a reality and delivering a world class destination for Londoners and visitors alike.”

Helen Carr, head of food, beverage and leisure leasing at BPSDC, said: “Camm & Hooper were a natural fit for us given their proven experience of transforming unique London buildings into successful event spaces. Ever since our first meeting with them I have been so excited to see their plans for the building and am confident that these event spaces will truly be unlike anything seen in London before and am delighted to have them on board.”

John Connell, founding partner of IMBIBA, which includes Camm & Hooper in its leisure EIS fund, added: “Camm & Hooper has already received a number of awards for spearheading innovation. The company’s partnership with Battersea Power Station is testament to Camm & Hooper’s unrivalled expertise and its impressive track record in delivering memorable events. We are very proud to be part of such an exciting project that promises an international dimension.”  

Debra Ward, managing director for Camm & Hooper, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to bring Battersea Power Station into our collection of outstanding London venues. As a company which specialises in reimagining some of London’s most exceptional venues, there is no greater embodiment of London than the striking Battersea Power Station. We are so very excited about our future with the Battersea Power Station team and can’t wait to start delivering extraordinary events in this iconic venue.” 

Once the Power Station opens in 2021, Battersea Power House will sit alongside the Chimney Lift which will boast panoramic views across London 109m up in the air, over 100 shops and restaurants, Apple’s new London Campus and unique residences, creating a major new destination in one of the world’s most iconic historical buildings. The Northern Line is being extended to give this new area of London its very own Zone 1 Underground station which will be a few minutes’ walk away from the Battersea Power House and is also due to open in 2021.

BPS is one of Europe’s most iconic regeneration projects and is being delivered across several phases. Circus West Village, the first phase of the development, is already open and a thriving hub of independent restaurants, cafés, bars and leisure offerings which is home to over a thousand residents. The London Seafood Festival, and, other sizeable events which attract thousands of people, already take place here, with nearly three million people having visited Circus West Village in the last year alone.

The selection process was managed by international venue consultancy, IPW.

For more information visit or email Follow @BatterseaPwrStn to keep up with the latest news and events at Battersea Power Station and visit to find out more.