Anna & Jeremy’s wedding at Tanner

Anna and Jeremy were looking for a venue that was central, affordable, offered good food and drinks, had long opening hours, and most importantly, would allow for a laid-back, good-old party.

Names: Anna & Jeremy
Looking for:
Tanner Warehouse
June 2019

Anna & Jeremy say:

Objective: When we first set out to look for a wedding venue, Jeremy and I had absolutely no idea what type of wedding we wanted.

The venue: There was a part of me – probably the old-fashioned romantic girl – that liked the idea of an outdoor celebration surrounded by nature with people sitting on long wooden tables and children joyfully romping around. When roaming through tons of websites promoting outdoor weddings in the English countryside, no venue really clicked with us. Simultaneously, we checked out numerous venue options in the heart of London, and interestingly, the idea of getting married in the place where Jeremy and I first met and spent the following five years together (him being French and me being German) made our hearts beat faster with excitement. We realized that London, this buzzing city with all its dazzling streets full of novelty and loving, funky characters, became the stage on which we bonded over so many beautiful and intense moments together. Having set our hearts on London, we were now looking for a venue that was central (as we were planning a destination wedding), affordable, offered good food and drinks, had long opening hours, and most importantly, would allow for a laid-back, good-old party.

Having moved to California about three years ago, we were bound to plan our complete wedding from abroad – what a challenging endeavour! From the moment we got in touch with the Tanner team, we experienced the most reliable and professional support from a team that was incredibly fun, flexible, and easy-going to deal with. Due to the availability of our ceremony venue, we had to have our wedding on a Sunday. Tanner Warehouse was the only venue we found that let us party until 2am on a Sunday. (As traditional German weddings go until the early morning light, there was no way we could have made our guests travel all the way to London and send them home at 11pm or midnight!). In addition, its location on Bermondsey Street was not only central but also perfect for all travellers to find accommodation nearby – plus, it’s placed in such a beautiful and historic area of London. Lastly, we were looking for a space that would make guests let go of their everyday stress, enjoy good food and company, and cheerfully celebrate love and friendship. Thus, we wanted something more untraditional that connects novelty and the unexpected with a homely and cozy environment. And that’s exactly what Tanner Warehouse ended up offering us – for a price that we thought was extremely competitive for central London!

The planning: Miles, our contact person at Tanner Warehouse, was incredible! As we not only planned our wedding from abroad but also felt responsible for the entertainment of all our guests who flew in from numerous countries, I took the wedding planning process pretty seriously. 🙂 Miles was so patient with all our creative ideas, suggestions, visions and helped everything come together. He also had some great recommendations on weddings florists, bands, and lighting. We ended up having a mixture of amazing C&H food and drinks, with personalised DIY decoration, rental of vases and candle holders, and a self-sourced florist and band. 

When Jeremy and I finally visited Tanner Warehouse for the first time, a few months before the wedding, the whole team made us feel extremely welcome and we had the best time during our wine tasting! Generally, the crew was very accommodating with all our extra wishes, such as letting us practice our wedding dance the day before or being so helpful when organising the pick-up of all wedding props the day after. 

The big day: On the day of the wedding, I will never forget the moment Jeremy and I first walked in the venue after arriving from our ceremony. It was so magical to see how everything came together and how such a unique, stunningly beautiful space was created. Throughout the night, the whole Tanner team was extremely attentive and friendly, so that we had absolutely no doubt that all our guests were in good hands. As we had previously worked out the schedule of the night with Miles, the crew made sure that everything ran smoothly (while being flexible with the usual delay in schedule! :)) and thus allowed us to just enjoy the night with our guests!

The food: Lastly, the food was absolutely beautiful – and all our guests loved the “feast” version as the act of sharing food created such a homely atmosphere.

The verdict: Thank you for a night that will always be remembered!

Photos by Matt Parry Photography.