Chief Booze Engineer mixing drinks

10 questions with… Patrick J Hobbs, Chief Beverage Engineer

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1.      What is a Chief Beverage Engineer (apart from the best job title in the world)?

This is really the culmination of 20 years of tending bar and creating drinks. I am not really a fan of the term ‘mixologist’. Seems a bit pretentious, non? Making drinks is not all that’s at stake here. Being a good salesman, a thoughtful craftsman, a bit of an artist all helps. Most of all though being a great host.


2.      What’s the best thing about working for C&H?

The Booze Lab! I get to do some really whacky stuff with drinks, and I love the expression on people’s faces when they walk through the door. Pure wonder, as it should be.


3.      How do you work with clients? (tailor to the needs of a particular event / experience of having a CBE)

If people want something really special or bespoke we can sit down and run through their criteria. I have produced infusions based on the flavour pyramid of perfumes. Really interesting because of the close relationship with distilling for fragrance and distilling for drinking. Best not to get the bottles mixed up though. Last year I produced a cocktail for a company’s Bi-centennial anniversary. It ended up being reproduced around the globe so very proud of that one.


4.      Give us some Patrick wisdom …

·       Delicious first

·       The queue is our enemy not the people in it

·       A beer in the hand is worth two in the book

·       Never drink more than you can carry


5.      What luxury item would you take on a desert island?

Hmmm good question. It would either have to be Spotify and something really loud to play it on or an endless supply of Wray & Nephew. What’s the point of being on a desert island if you can’t have rum?


6.      What’s the most bizarre ingredient you’ve put into a cocktail (so far)?



7.      What’s your hangover cure?

Staying drunk.


8.      What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

I worked in a high street bank mail room sorting statements into envelopes. Mind numbing!


9.      Your all-time favourite cocktail?

The one that someone is buying me.


10.    If you were a cocktail, what would you be?

Rum old fashioned. Sweet, strong and not to everyone’s’ taste.

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